1000heads: WOM @ Mobile World Congress

Last week, over in Barcelona, 1000heads had a number of representatives flying the flag for both friends and clients.

Fira de Barcelona

What you see there is there the Fira in Barcelona where the congress takes place each year. Yes, the weather was that miserable.

What you don’t see however is the beautiful airport that all of us visitors to Spain’s fair city have to pass through.

Terminal 1 - Barcelona Airport

A stunning airport, with a brand new terminal that opened just last year; it has a breathtaking design, look and feel but, being an airport, it also has all the features of your standard airport. Such as baggage pickup, passport control and of course – an arrivals lounge.

Opera is Waiting for Steve Jobs

This fantastic piece of WOM from Opera Mini was used to illustrate to all and sundry that in fact *they* have the biggest mobile browser in the world. A smart move some might say, ‘PR stunt’ others have remarked…

Actually, this is a fantastic piece of WOM.

Every single Tech/Mobile Press/Blogger worth his/her salt was coming through Barcelona International last week and they definitely saw this (especially judging by some of the press they had).

It was the talk of the event on the show floor and at the after show parties. Opera, did well.

Steve Jobs, for those that live under a rock, works for Apple. Apple make the iPhone. Apple and the iPhone NEVER SHOW UP AT MWC. Ever.

This is fun, it’s different… aaaand it’s disruptive. Good work Opera.

We like.

Photo credits SomeWhatFrank, f0ff0 and omerka – creative commons, win.