The Weekend

Greetings travellers..
..and how’s your weekend going?

Mine’s been pretty good so far considering…

Considering…? Considering what?!

Well – considering that I am
a) (STILL) super skint
b) Without my mobile phone.

a) is down to the fact that no matter how many times I call my last job and give them my new address details they still insist on sending my last bit of cash to my old flat. …and not only did they send it there, but they also sent a cheque. Which means that I have to wait another week before I can get my hands on it! AARGH!

b) I’d rather not talk about it. Bit of a sore point. Grr….

Lets not talk about what I didnt do eh?! Lets talk about what I DID do!

So yeah…

Friday at work I’m in a bit of a tizz.
My mobile phone had just gone up the spout and I had to email everyone to tell them and stuff..
But then there’s the select few who I talk to who aren’t as tech’d up as to have an email address yet…

(I know – shocking isn’t it?)

…so there I was trying to let everyone know that even though you cant actually get me on my usual number:
I am alive and I am available this weekend for fun and giggles etc… Bah.

Well – the usual suspects didnt get back to me –
I would go off on one about how crap some of my friends have been lately but to be quite honest:

a) Its bad for the spirit &
b) I’d rather spend my time explaining how great some my other friends have been.

There’s a lesson there folks.
Care about those who care about you.
Dont get upset about those who dont.
Just focus on those that do.
Your life will be a happier place.

Moving on, before we get too deep…

I got a random email from my friend Roger…
(if you want to see her, check my last but one blog – there’s a photo there – she’s cool)
…explaining about this crazy Brazilian carnival thing happening up in Angel on Saturday afternoon…
I dont actually think I was supposed to get the email originally…
(it was entitled – ‘afternoon ladies’ – lol)
…but I’m glad Nomi (Roger aka Naomi aka Nomi) put me in the ‘cc list’ –
I think it was the free samba lessons that made her do it.. Hahaha..
But yeah – this is the thing here:

Nomi works for the Sadlers Wells Theatre see and she was going to be working on the day organising stuff and stuff… so yeah.
I emailed Roger and took the mick for her calling me a lady etc..
..and she ended up inviting me over to her and Aidan’s place for vino… which was cool.

Friday pre-nomi = No Plans
Friday post-nomi = Plans

So Yay Nomi!
Finished work about 6ish, got meself over to their cool place in Clapham and got on the Rose… .
We tend to eat and drink lots, play xbox and then hurl abuse at passers-by from their fifth floor balcony..
Sounds puerile but it is a LOT of fun…
Hahaha – so thats what we did! Nomi did stir fry and it was lush.

Was all cool… left there about tennish, feeling totally knackered and just wanting my bed.
Hit Twickenham about 2245, walked down into Twickenham High St and bumped into my mate Burns and his mate Zee. They were batfaced. Absolutely plastered…

“Alright Schlag – where you been?! Fancy coming to the Patch?”

That’s my mate Steve.

“Nah mate, I’m skint. No can do.”

“Ahh shutup, there’s £40, get yourself home and changed, we’ll meet you in there in half hour..”


Haha, jumped on a bus home, got changed, jumped on a bus back into Twickenham and Patched it up for the rest if the night with Zee & Steve…

My other mate Hodge turned up randomly at about midnight too (he of Bon Jovi fame – see my Bon Jovi blog – thats him) – so we all got bang on it and had a great night.
The Patch by the way, as you may’ve gathered, is Twickenham’s only club.
Its not brilliant but its cheesy as hell and you can walk home afterwards.
Check it:

Hahah – I’ve never seen that site before:
“Let our wonderfully versatile DJs effortlessly lead a sparky mix of jazz, funk, disco, dance & soul”

Lol – Brilliant – If you’ve ever been to ‘Le Patch’ then you’ll know exactly why that’s so funny… Hahaha…

Woke up Saturday morning. Feeling fine, no hangover whatsoever.
Hmm – might have something to do with being sick the night before but hey, we wont talk about that eh?
(Stir Fry, Seven Blue WKDs, Jigging = Badness)

Burns rang me about eleven ish and we hooked up to play some frisbee over on Twickenham Green, (I do like a bit of frisbee) while we waited for Hodge to get in touch.

FYI – The previous night I’d managed to convince the two Steves (Hodge & Burns) to join my on my trip to Rio (in Angel – Hehe).
Which they did!
Here we are, up in Angel, getting on it on cheap and nasty Vodka at a Brazilian Carnival:

Burns, Hodge and Me.

Lots of fun, man there was some random shizzle in that carnival…
Here’s a quick selection of the more random photos I took:

More Vodka!

So yeah… Kept buying various soft drinks so we could ‘just add vodka’.
My personal favourite being Mango Smoothie Vodka:

Haha – was well on it by the time we met up with Nomi for post carnival drinks.
All good…



Anywhoo –
After that, the two Steves and I travelled down to Fulham to go to this funky little bar called Cactus Blue.
It was my boss’ engagement party and she’d invited me the day before..
Really nice cool little place man – have to go out in Fulham more often.
But yeah – Got on the Mojitos… Hehehe.. Nice..
Spent an hour or so there…
Drinking and mingling et al…
..and then headed back to Twix for more drinks in the Up’n’Under…
(in particular – sambucas, for some reason)

…and then surprise surprise!
We ended up BACK IN THE PATCH!

Two nights on the trot.
That is:



But we ended up having a better night then Friday mind, music was better and stuff… and MAN did I dance!
I havent let rip like that in ages… fantastic.
…just a shame there was too many rugger-buggers in there eh?
Needless to say – we were hammered…

Got home about 3ish…

Well that’s today.
So far – I’ve done sweet FA. Which is good.
Havent done ‘nothing’ for ages.
Might do some washing in a bit – its an exciting life aint it?!
I am however going to see Superman Returns at the IMAX later with my mate Louisa.

Cant. Wait.
I’ll take some pics if I can… its gonna ROCK.

But…before I sign off I need to say something:

Folks. I am truly blessed with some great friends.
The last few months of my life have been tough for various reasons.
Lately, mainly financially… but before that there was a whole heap of other crap going on in my life.
My friends have been there for me every step of the way and without them, I doubt I’d be the person that I am sitting here today.

So.. Here’s to you my friends.

Thank you – your generosity and kindness will not be forgotten easily and I hope I can be there for you all one day as you have been for me.

…and on that note folks:
With a smile on my face, I’m gonna sign off.

Next time on “Whatley’s World”:

– Exactly how good is Superman Returns and does making 20mins of it 3D improve it somehow?

– Week 3 in his new job. How is it going?

– Pay day. At last.

– Looking forward to the next weekend.

So.. until then…


Good things happen when you have no money

Good afternoon everybody!

Remember how I was saying that down to my recent work-based decisions.. I’m going to be Skint Eastwood for the forseeable future..
(as in – I dont get a full wage now until late August – Nice)


I got a phone call from my Step Mum today saying..

“Hi James, when are you going to come to Gibraltar again?”
(My Dad, his Wife and my Brother all live there)

“Well.. “ says I “..given the current financial climate that I’ve found myself in – probably not until November at the earliest..”
(I’ve been planning to go over in November for a while now anyway)

“What if we paid for you? Could you come this weekend?”

“Er… I guess!”




Ker-Razy man.
Last weekend Jon Bon Jovi…
This weekend Gibraltar!

You wouldn’t think I don’t have a penny to my name would ya?!

Seriously mind – I can’t remember the last time I spent Father’s Day with my Dad. He left when I was about 6yrs old and has lived over in Gib for the last 15yrs or so at least.. so yeah.. will be nice to spend the day with my Dad. Looking forward to it. Its been.. ages.
Without sounding too dramatic – it’ll be nice because instead of doing nothing on Father’s Day and sitting around on my own (whilst 90% of all the other people I know are spending time with their respective male parent/guardian etc) I’ll actually be spending it with my Dad.


Life is SO good at the moment I LOVE it.


See you when I get back I guess…


Catching up

Cor blimey!

Its been so hectic since I got home – work is mental and anyone who’s anyone is trying to catch me for some catch up drinking and suchlike!

Oh gawd!

So today is Wednesday – I’ve gotta work my socks off up until Friday then the weekend will be here.. dunno what I’ll do with it mind – check my bank balance today – OUCH. A fair amount of stuff from Thailand hit today.

Damn. Basically.

So sod it – I’m gonna have to knuckle down and get the overtime in so I can afford to LIVE next month – Jeez.. Plus Im gonna need a spare bit of spendin money if I’m gonna have any chance of a decent summer..

I am actually considering a second job..

Yeah. I know!

Shockin huh? I gotta do something..

Hmm – maybe escorting?! Hahahahaahahahahahaha…

So yeah – been invited out in Staines tonight with Martin and Ash, tomorrow night I’m seeing my friend Nats, Friday… well Friday is Friday. Saturday I was gonna go back to Canvey and see family and friends.. but now I’ve been invited to a party in Brixton that I REALLY wanna go to.. oh its a tough life.. Maybe I could goto Canvey Friday night and then come home Saturday and go to the party then.. now THAT is an idea.. :o)

Anyway – im rambling..

I need to go to work. Its 720 and my train is in 15mins.

Laters all.