#NotatMWC 2013

We’re baaaaack!

This coming February sees the cream of the world’s mobile industry all descend on Barcelona’s (thing?) for Mobile World Congress. But the thing is, attending the world’s biggest mobile conference is not cheap so many mobile geeks don’t get the chance to go.NotatMWC

But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered –

The original #NotatMWC event is BACK!

  • Are you having trouble making it to MWC?
  • Have you decided to say ‘BALLS!’ to Barcelona?
  • Do you have a slight obsession with all things cellular?


February 28th is the date you need to book in your diary and we’ve booked the upstairs at All Bar One on New Oxford Street for just over 70-odd people. If we over do it and loads of you turn up, no matter! We can just flood the ENTIRE PUB with mobile folk and have a jolly good time.

See you there?


PS. Tell your friends —-> “Feb 28th. NotatMWC. Be there

PPS. Sponsorship options are also available.

The Readius

Sleeper hit of Mobile World Congress

Google it – it’s amazing.. If I could have one now, I’d get one.

Ewan’s written about it over on SMS Text News and on the right of this post there are two shots that I took next to my E61i for comparison etc…

Not soon after that I bumped into Jonathan Greene from Atmaspheric Endeavours – he  had heard about this amazing device too so I took him round to take a look.
He took liberty of shooting a Qik video…

You really do have to see this thing in action to believe it – It’s all kinds of awesome! 🙂

Mobile World Congress – THAT WAY!

SpinVox and Me are off to Barcelona in about 12hrs or so for the biggest mobile event of the year, Mobile World Congress…

I’m going to be blogging all over the shop – a large chunk of it here, some more here, videoing a bit here and here as well as micro-blogging a little bit here too.

If you’re going – see you there! If you’re not – why not keep track of me here!

See ya!