Mobile Geeks of N.Y.C.

We’re off to New York City!

After a long, long Summer of travelling, my last stop over before I finally come back home to the UK for good, is right here in New York City (arrived yesterday – neeed sleeeeep). So, to celebrate – I figured I’d throw a Mobile Geeks of London ‘On Tour’ event right here in NYC!

Thanks to the combined efforts of Chanse Arrington over at Nokia HQ and Will Sisti over at the the very first MGoNYC event is happened this coming Tuesday, September 22nd starting at The Nokia Flagship Store on 57th and 5th.

I say ‘starting at’ as we do have a limited number of people that are able to come. However, to combat this, as soon as we hit that number we’ll up sticks and go find a nearby bar for us all to hang out in. I’m reliably informed there are a fair few in this part of town.

For the uninitiated among you, the MGoL does exactly what it says on the tin. Whether you work in the industry or not, if you like to get geeky when it comes to all things mobile then MGoL is the place for you.
We have a facebook group that you can join to stay up to date with each event and the current base has recently broken the 500 mark (and still growing).

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We had our seventh meetup a little while back in L.A. and it was actually quite awesome.
With about 50 or so people turning up for the giggles, we had a ball.

I digress.

On the evening of Tuesday September 22nd, at The Nokia Flagship Store, NYC, the Mobile Geeks of London or should I say the “Mobile Geeks of NYC” (#MGoNYC), will be meeting for an evening of Big Apple-based mobile chatter, sharing of across-the-pond knowledge and of course, general mobile geekery.

The Time: 6:30pm onwards
The Date: Tuesday September 22nd
The Place:

Nokia Flagship Store
57th and 5th
New York
NY 10022-2556

Coming? Sign up on the dedicated MGoNYC facebook event page


I know most of the Mobile Geeks of London are, by definition, NOT based in New York City.
But some of you reading this might be, or you may someone who knows someone… You get the idea! ;)

Either way – Hope to see you there!


J :)

PS – I’m back on the 27th. Expect a MGoL announcement soon after…