Postcard from LA

Oh, so THAT'S why it's called Sunset Blvd...

I’ve been in LA for nearly a week now and it’s been fairly intense; working solid from 10am through ’til 4am most days (while my body tries to adjust to the time difference) and generally trying to keep on top of things. We wrapped project one on Sunday morning and project two wraps tonight; it’s been a helluva ride.

Fortunately, thanks to the timings of both projects, I was able to take Sunday night and Monday morning off to catch up with my friends Matt and Jen. The former introduced me to Ryan Penagos, aka Agent_M, the editor for (so much geekery was had!), and the latter took a colleague and I down to Dog Beach for a midday stroll in the Sun.

Sitting in the sunshine two weeks from Christmas is a very odd feeling indeed.

What else is new?

I’ve decided to take up dance again and I’m writing a truck load more these days too. A friend got one of my pieces published recently; non-trade, in-print and actually out there in the real world, so that’s quite exciting. I have a couple more I want to submit, so we’ll see if that leads anywhere.

Thing is, you know that bit in Star Trek where Spock tells the rest of the crew how everything has changed? That now, thanks to Nero’s actions, they’re all living in an alternate reality…?

Yeah. That.




Things are different now.










Somewhere over the US

Are we over water now? I think so. At least, we should be. I guess we’ve been up for an hour now, maybe longer. My toes hurt.

Damn shoes.

I love my job. Six seats to my right a couple of competition winners sit happily drinking beer, looking forward to their prize; two VIP red blue carpet tickets to the Tron: Legacy ‘World Premiere’ in Hollywood.

I was at the London one last weekend. That was cool. Although Patrick probably nailed it best when he said “Premieres are fun but it’s essentially like going to the cinema with a suit on” – Yes Pat, just like that (if you ignore the Hollywood superstars arriving around you and of course the free popcorn.. that’s always a winner. Let’s not forget that).

LA. Again.

I’ve been there before y’see, although last time was a holiday, this time it’s for work. I think I’ve managed to wangle some down time over the coming week, with both Sunday evening and Monday daytime currently cleared for catching up with some of my favourite Californians. Matt & Jen namely and probably Jeb too, if there’s time.

I love the internetz for stuff like this. Having such a large global network means that more often than not there is always someone to see or meet. Some might see that as an annoyance (and to an extent, I can understand why), however if I ever want to completely escape… utterly switch off… then I know how to do that too.

Obviously you wouldn’t know when those times happen because I don’t actually talk about them. But they are there. Gently. Flowing back and forth.  Slowly. Like a soft breath on the wind…

But I like people. I love people. Even the inconsiderate German chap in front of me on this flight (seat thrown back, feet pushing against the wall in front) I love them all.

Well, I try… 🙂

Los Angeles – – > 9000miles

I’ve been away.

This entry – originally written in long hand at around 32,000ft on April 30th – might explain why things have been quiet of late…

It’s official. I’m on Holiday.

The last time I took any kind of break like this was in the gap between my last job and this one, some 20months ago in fact.
Sitting on this plane mere hours from my destination, eagerly awaiting my arrival, I look forward to days of Sun, sea and sand along with a smattering of sight-seeing & shopping.

The City of Angels is where I’m headed.

Plans ahead, although few in number, are making me smile; Dinner with friends, drinks with others.

Plenty to see, find and do and yet – there’s no urgency around any of it.

There is no rush.
There is no fuss.
There is only L.A.

And I like it.

Here’s to good food, damn good company and here’s to having a bloody nice time!


I’m back now and, as seems to be the norm l whenever I go away, I’ve been catching up with a lot of writing.
Stay tuned.

Whatley out.

Video Diary: James Whatley on planning MGoLA

Planning for Mobile Geeks of LA is well under-way. We go to the park to look in James’s mobile ‘bag of wonder to take a look at the devices as the popular meet-up heads west from its birth-place.  James also demonstrates wide-screen video recording on the new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music which looks promising.

James has all the details you need on his site.