The Tailor of Gotham City

Ever wondered where Batman’s villains get their outfits?

Spotted this yesterday and it’s just awesome. A chap over on deviantart *drew this on his holiday* after asking himself that very same question.

It’s a fantastic premise and a brilliant execution.

I’ve snapped a few of the images, but you must must must read the whole thing.

Amazing work.



the coolest thing in the world

In Slovenia last week, one of my hosts, Aljosa Bagola (a cooler cat I never did meet), caught wind that I was a Batman fan and promptly pulled this image up on his iPhone.

joker kick flipping skateboard

Heath Ledger, as Joker, kick-flipping over Christian Bale on the set of The Dark Knight.

So. Freaking. Cool.

Enjoy it for a moment. Look at it over and over again. Then scroll down.

It’s a fake.

But – like you – for a few moments, before I got ’round to blogging it at least, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.