Social Tool, Tool!


There I was, on the train, on the way into work this morning and I’m listening to a couple of chaps in the next seat talk about plans for a new online marketing strategy…

Yes. That’s right. ON A TRAIN.

So before we even GET to the whole ‘Social’ thing that I’m about to rant about, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the stupidity… or maybe even the complete lack of joined-up thinking that goes hand-in-hand with talking about this kind of stuff on PUBLIC transport…


Done that? Goooooooood.

Anyway – so here they were, these two suits fellas, talking about ‘Social Networking’ and how they ‘really need to get involved’ to make this campaign really work.
Well I say ‘they’ it was more like just the older bloke telling the younger bloke, what he needed to get their new campaign off the ground…
The older chap opens:

“Look, I need you to tell me about what you can do with YouTube?”

“I can upload videos…”

“Yes. I’ve seen that. But what can we do with YouTube?”

“Aside from upload the videos, well…er…”


“We have…er…”

“Listen, we’ve got to hit millions of people! Millions. We won’t do it without YouTube.”

And so the conversation carried on, covering such things like MySpace, Facebook and even Flickr but all the while keeping the same familiar pattern, (I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t hear the classic phrase ‘Right, we need a viral’… I may’ve said something at that point)

Anyway, this whole thing got me thinking. I wrote a post about Mobile Advertising for Mobile Industry Review, (then SMS Text News), a few months back outlining the need for complete alignment when dipping your toe into the mobile ad space.
This one was easy, at least this time round they had some kind of idea as to what they were doing…
These two guys on the 9:53 out of Paddington however? Not a hope.

YouTube, to use the example given, is not something you ‘do’, it’s something you use, (like a tool, see).

The best way for me to illustrate this is with cups.


If your boss turns to you one day and says “I want to do something with YouTube”, what do you say back?

Well look, you’re clearly happy to put anything into the cup as it were; be it lemonade, orange juice, blackcurrant or whatever – But your boss, or whoever’s running the marketing team needs to tell you what that is. The cup is another way of presenting your content. It will speak to different people in different ways. I would not use a cup for anything other than what it is good for… and that is drinking, nay – consuming!

On top of that you also need to ensure that the same blackcurrant you’re using in your cups is being used in the other dispensers that you have at your disposal. I mean, you have other cups right? Right?!
Yeah you do… The banner ads, the traditional print, the skyscrapers, the tv/radio spots etc…
Them. Yeah. They’re cups too.

So when asked, “…like flickr, like YouTube”…etc, they’re just a variation on the cup.

You can help them hold it, you can help others drink from it but what you can’t do is fill it.
Give people some cool stuff inside the cup, don’t just give them the cup.
On it’s own, the cup is nothing.

With planning, time and effort from all parties – the cup can become an integral part of a much larger picnic.

Social Cups, Hugh would be proud.

Balls to it! (a Whatley rant-a-thon) Part 1: Gizmodo

Hi Guys, when I originally wrote this rant on my (now-defunct) VOX Blog back in January of this year (2008), I posted it in one big massive lump.

This time round, for the ‘re-print’ as it were, I’m going to break it up into easily digestible sections…

I hope that’s cool?
So… Without further a do… Here’s Part 1:


Right – excuse me for a minute – I need to rant

I tried to make this blog more about ‘me’ but that was because I was saving my mobile mutterings for my column over at SMS Text News. Well – that’s fine – but I still have a lot to say on sodding social media tools – so excuse me while I just get a few things off my chest –

…as well as deliver some well-deserved self back slapping because this year, so far, has been friggin’ awesome.

And yesI KNOW I’m yet to write up a whole load of stuff that I’ve been promising for AGES!
Well y’know what? Here’s a summary:

San Francisco was awesome. You should all go. End of.

Social Networks through SpinVox – I made it. It’s mine.
Get it now -You can SPEAK to your Facebook, Dammit!

Mobile Geeks of London III – I’ve lined it up for the end of Feb and will be issuing deets shortly.

Job done.


Right – here are some things that have been pissing me off annoying me (around the web) of late:

1) Gizmodo’s Prank at CES.

This involved going round the event with a gadget that turns off TVs and ….turning off TVs. Which is all well and good and funny the first two or three times. After that it becomes irritating. Annoying in fact. Special sympathies go out to the poor Motorola guy trying to give his presentation while some idiots continually turned off his plasmas. As much I can’t stand Motorola handsets (they are rubbish), no one deserves this.
Not only that – but also apparently some key members of the blogosphere are NOT happy:

Already finding it difficult to gain respectability at these trade events it must be pretty frustrating to find you’d been given a bloody nose by the very people you’d count amongst your peers. I wouldn’t be surprised if CES bans bloggers next year… Which would be a huge shame.

Anyway – the backlash against Gizmodo is already happening apparently – I’m just adding to it.. so let’s see what the outcome is…

They have apologised.. but whether that counts for anything now remains to be seen.

Cont in Part 2