It’s snowing in Moscow

Rainy nights in Moscow

Moleskine entry: April 11th, 2011

It’s 9pm local time, I’m staying at the Godzilla Hostel which, while not being shaped like a 240ft tall old school feature creature, is certainly covered from head to toe with numerous bits of Godzilla-themed paraphernalia.


I’m staying with a group of four others: having arrived late to find four of the six beds in the shared room already taken one can assume the number but, hopefully [aside from being the spare wheel], plus the Honcho* we should be a good healthy six-some.

We shall see.


The others are all out at the moment, I’ve only just settled. I guess I could go out and find them..
Actually, think I will.

*The word ‘Honcho’, is the name given to the local guide that we’ve been given in each city.
Basically, they rock.