1000heads: A charitable thank you to those that Tuttle

Tuttle last week was so much fun, this week we wanted to find a way to say thank you to everyone that came along and made our office such a bubbly place to be on a Friday morning.

Earlier today, we dispatched a crack team of commando 1000heads girls to go out and find the two most cutest and fluffiest fluffy toys they could find.

This is what they came back with…

We’re going to be running a raffle tomorrow morning so you can maybe, just maybe win ONE of the two fluffy things above. I have no preference, well.. I do. The Monkey. But that’s just me…

The other one, the one that the winner decides he or she doesn’t want, will be put into our offline raffle run through our JustGiving page.

Any and all money donated will go straight to the Haiti Hospital Appeal.

If you want to tweet and help spread the word, copy and past the below 🙂

Thank you #Tuttle – Help for Haiti – http://bit.ly/bdVEzE

See you tomorrow! 🙂