Speaking Freely – Barcelona

“Greetings from Barcelona. I am loving Mobile World Congress seen a lot of cool stuff. Hanging out at the SpinVox stand and hanging out at the Nokia stand. Going out for dinner with the SpinVox crew now. Make sure you check out spinvox.com because we’ve re launched the website. I haven’t got internet access in my room so hence me blogging through SpinVox.”

spoken through SpinVox

Good morning one and all – I’m really crap.

I keep going to update this place.. and then something distracts me!


In the meantime however – here’s some pics of me and my bro in Gibraltar!


His name is Stephen Arthur James Whatley, he’s six years old, he’s ginger and he means business..

My bro’s gonna be a little heartbreaker..!

One more?

Oh ok then..


I love my brother. He’s awesome.

I’ll type up some stuff later – but yeah – Stephen’s one of the main reason’s I go to Gibraltar..


Hahah – see what I did there? He Rocks?!
Yeah? ..as in The Rock of Gibraltar?!
I know.. Hahahaha.. Brilliant.

Greetings from Gibraltar

Afternoon all,

Uncle Travelling Matt reporting in..

I’m in Gibraltar!
It’s alright – weather’s ok and stuff..
Hangin’ out with my folks here and my l’il bro –
(he’s AWESOME – pics to come)

Father’s Day tomorrow – haven’t spent Father’s Day with my Dad in about 20yrs now so that should be good.. and then at about 1750 tomorrow I’ll be jumping on a plane back to London..
Should get home about 10pm tomorrow night I reckon. By ‘Home’ I mean my actual house.. taking into account Sunday trains etc.. I should be alright!

So yeah – I’ll write it all up then I guess.. haven’t got much time online here.
All my time’s taken up entertaining my bro… (he’s six years old see)

Speak soon!


(I’ll be setting up a charity soon in my own name – all donations will be gratefully received and faithfully applied!)

Ciao for now.