You know the rules: no spoilers.


How can I describe GRAVITY to you?

Gravity is 91mins of the tensest cinema you’ve ever seen.

Gravity is just about on the cusp of believability.

Gravity is a must-see in IMAX 3D (both, if not either).

Gravity is Sandra Bullock’s best film in years.

Gravity is beautiful.

Gravity is stunning.

Gravity brings you closer to space.

Gravity had me literally on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire length of the film.

Gravity is achingly painful.

Gravity is non-stop.

Gravity pulls no punches.

Gravity makes you hold your breath, bite your nails, and cling on for dear life.

Gravity is unflinching.

Gravity is incredible.

Gravity is mesmerising.

Gravity is not the best film you’ll see this year.

But Gravity is the next film you should see this year.

“Hold on. Listen to my voice. Hold on to something. Hold on.”



Whatley Wednesday at AAS » Gravity - The S60 Twitter ClientWhile the back-room monkeys get The Really Mobile Project fit to wheel out and unveil to the unsuspecting world, our man Whatley guested on friends-of-the-show ‘All About Symbian‘ covering the new S60 Twitter client Gravity.  He makes specific criticism of the price (but not the product, which is ‘by far and away the best native S60 application for Twitter currently available’) which caused some hot debate in the comments.

Take a look here.  What do you think?