Last Minute Welly Dash!

I wait in ALL morning for my Wellies to arrive.. And guess what?!

They didn’t.

So my buddy Jana and I just missioned it into Kingston to get some.. The time at posting is 1424 – we gotta be on the coach in an hour. First we gotta navigate the Kingston one way system, get home, pick ;up my stuff..

Go to Jana’s, pickup her stuff..

And then and ONLY then can we head BACK into Kingston to catch the coach to Glasters!


To My Blog Readers

Morning loyal readers,

First off – apologies for not following up with Thailand stuff…

I’m off to Glasto this weekend and I’ll be blogging as much as I feasibly can….

Cool beans – I’ll post back here again when I’ve sorted out my web arrangements…
See you soon,

(and thanks again for reading)

James. x