Glasto – Aerial Shot

So here’s a photo of that poster that I mentioned previously.

It really does demonstrate the enormity of the festival.. I mean.. Truly HUGE!
I still can’t believe it.

The pink sticky on the right? My tent.
That area at the top left underneath the photo of the yellow flags? The Stone Circle.

God knows how far that is – but I must’ve walked it at least twice a day every day.. Not including walking between stages, getting food & drink, nipping up to camp every now and then..

Just.. Massive!

Oh.. And that diamond shape in the middle?
That’ll be the Pyramid Stage.

Poster courtesy of the Q Glastonbury Review magazine.


This is me. At work. Missing Glastonbury. A LOT.

Can you see the big poster on the wall behind me?

That’s Glastonbury.. I’ll have to take a photo of it and upload it. And then? After that?
Whatever will I do with my lovely little ‘Glastonblog’ ?

Keep it going as my very own mobile blog?

Or sign it off into the ether as a piece of festival history?

All suggestions welcome.. 🙂

Just a quick note…

…to say that just because Glastonbury is over – does not mean this blog is coming to an end.

As I’ve mentioned previously – I’ve got plenty of stories and pics from my friends to upload yet. And then, once that’s all done.. I’m SURE I’ll still be uploading content from my mobile as often as possible.

Ideally i’d like to keep a theme of some kind.. I’m not sure I’m a large enough festival-goer to warrant a ‘festival-theme’ per se… So what about a music theme maybe?

I dunno..

All suggestions welcome! …in the meantime, watch this space, more Glasto-blogging to follow..

And.. Just so I’m keeping in tradition.. See below for a late night ‘from a distance’ pic that I took of The Killers just before one of their speakers went down and ruined the whole set… 🙁

Mud! Glorious Mud!


I’d like to think that eventually we’d all get used to to schlepping from one place to another in ankle deep sludge.. But oh no. You can’t really get used to it..
You can try and avoid it (it’s not worth the hassle, really), you can moan about it, (and just annoy everyone else in your group), you can even pretend it’s not there, (haha good luck).

Me? I just got on with it… I just faced up to the fact that no matter what.. ‘The Mud’ synonymous with Glastonbury and it just wouldn’t be the same without it.

However… There’s accepting The Mud.. Then there’s *embracing* The Mud.. Like these chaps..

Not gonna catch me doing that chum! Nosirree Bob!

Fave Photo So Far…

Ok – so you may’ve gathered – I’m home now – I’m still yet to write up Sunday’s events… (that’ll come at some point tomorrow I’m sure) …but I just wanted to post again quickly after having seen some of the photos that my friends sent round over the course of today, (Monday).

This one below is me and one of my closest friends, Al.

No comment needed… it simply says it all.

Catching Up

Ok – Once again I apologise for the lack of updates! as it eventually panned out, every day was spent as follows:

Get up.
Go charge phone.
Go see some bands.
Go get charged phone.
Take pics/vids.
Catch up on SMSs.
(Ttry to) Make calls and plans for latee.
Phone dies.

That’s just as an FYI – ok – so back to following up on my last post

The plan was set – what could go wrong?!

I saw The Guillemots – they were cool as. I love them. Enthusiastic, eccentric and eclectic are three very good words to describe this bunch – Trains to Brazil being a particular highlight…

After that a few of us ran off to the Other Stage to catch CSS. The CSS. One quick word about the lead singer… CRAZY. I mean proper absoultely off her bloody rocker… but in a really strange sweet kinda way.. but yeah. CSS rocked. Along with Arcade Fire, definitely one of my highlights… (thanks again to Bongo for introducing me to them).

CSS was followed by a small amount of Lily Allen – she was loving it. Surprised she made it at all given the state she was in up at The Stone Circle the night previously ;o)

After Lily we all chilled out a bit over at The Guardian Lounge

Something I haven’t mentioned really so far is the people I met/camped with while I was there… in all there were about 14 or so of us in our little camp. We all knew each other through varying degrees of separation but one theme that continually came out during most conversations was simply how lucky we were.

You honestly could not have asked for a better bunch of friends, old and new, to share such an amazing festival with. Numbers and emails were swapped and hopefully I should have some more photos of the festival (but from someone else’s point of view) to post up here very soon…

Moving on –

Post chillout, a few of us headed over to the Dance East tent where we managed to get to see Mark Ronson. Who was absolutely superb. Daniel Merriweather was there and they did ‘Stop Me’ …aside from that MR was mainly mixing up some old school tracks with some new..

It was brilliant: Mark Ronson doing Rage Against the Machine? YEAH! GO ON THEN!

Perfect way to get you in the swing of things for Saturday night… Danced like a complete loon!
Caught a teeny bit of Mika after that (only because he was on straight afterwards – we couldn’t get out quick enough!) and also strolled past Get Cape, Wear Cape. Fly over at the John Peel too….

But the next mission was simple.. get in a good position for The Killers… Getting at the front was nigh on impossible – so we headed for the hills… about 15 of us following my mate’s mate.. about six foot tall and waving a white glowstick in the air – we couldn’t miss him!

Here’s a couple of videos for your delectation – first – just waiting – the build up dammit!

And second, not much sound again, but this time with fireworks!

I just wish I could see it all over again – it was AMAZING!

Morning World

Saturday Today!

The plan:

Guillemots at 1530 over at the Pyramid stage (cool), then after that I’m probably gonna have to desert my friends and run off to the Other Stage to see CSS..
My dear friend Bongo introduced me to this fantastic sound.. I’ve GOT to see them live!

Once that’s all done I’m gonna run back over to the Pyramid to catch Lily Allen (however that DOES mean missing The Klaxons… What to do, what to do, what to do?)!
Then at 6pm we’re discussing the merits of Babyshambles over Paolo Nutini.. To Be Decided.
After that?
Stay at the Pyramid for Paul Weller and The Kooks and then round all of that off with a few tracks from The Killers! Woo!

Ok.. First I need some breakfast.. … … … …

Oh – and before I go.. Just gotta say two words:



Wow wow wow wow wow… WOW!

Ahhh dudes! They were SO good! I mean like SO good! …and Yes, being a good little Blogger, I took some video for you… ENJOY!