Fave Photo So Far…

Ok – so you may’ve gathered – I’m home now – I’m still yet to write up Sunday’s events… (that’ll come at some point tomorrow I’m sure) …but I just wanted to post again quickly after having seen some of the photos that my friends sent round over the course of today, (Monday).

This one below is me and one of my closest friends, Al.

No comment needed… it simply says it all.

Catching Up

Ok – Once again I apologise for the lack of updates! as it eventually panned out, every day was spent as follows:

Get up.
Go charge phone.
Go see some bands.
Go get charged phone.
Take pics/vids.
Catch up on SMSs.
(Ttry to) Make calls and plans for latee.
Phone dies.

That’s just as an FYI – ok – so back to following up on my last post

The plan was set – what could go wrong?!

I saw The Guillemots – they were cool as. I love them. Enthusiastic, eccentric and eclectic are three very good words to describe this bunch – Trains to Brazil being a particular highlight…

After that a few of us ran off to the Other Stage to catch CSS. The CSS. One quick word about the lead singer… CRAZY. I mean proper absoultely off her bloody rocker… but in a really strange sweet kinda way.. but yeah. CSS rocked. Along with Arcade Fire, definitely one of my highlights… (thanks again to Bongo for introducing me to them).

CSS was followed by a small amount of Lily Allen – she was loving it. Surprised she made it at all given the state she was in up at The Stone Circle the night previously ;o)

After Lily we all chilled out a bit over at The Guardian Lounge

Something I haven’t mentioned really so far is the people I met/camped with while I was there… in all there were about 14 or so of us in our little camp. We all knew each other through varying degrees of separation but one theme that continually came out during most conversations was simply how lucky we were.

You honestly could not have asked for a better bunch of friends, old and new, to share such an amazing festival with. Numbers and emails were swapped and hopefully I should have some more photos of the festival (but from someone else’s point of view) to post up here very soon…

Moving on –

Post chillout, a few of us headed over to the Dance East tent where we managed to get to see Mark Ronson. Who was absolutely superb. Daniel Merriweather was there and they did ‘Stop Me’ …aside from that MR was mainly mixing up some old school tracks with some new..

It was brilliant: Mark Ronson doing Rage Against the Machine? YEAH! GO ON THEN!

Perfect way to get you in the swing of things for Saturday night… Danced like a complete loon!
Caught a teeny bit of Mika after that (only because he was on straight afterwards – we couldn’t get out quick enough!) and also strolled past Get Cape, Wear Cape. Fly over at the John Peel too….

But the next mission was simple.. get in a good position for The Killers… Getting at the front was nigh on impossible – so we headed for the hills… about 15 of us following my mate’s mate.. about six foot tall and waving a white glowstick in the air – we couldn’t miss him!

Here’s a couple of videos for your delectation – first – just waiting – the build up dammit!

And second, not much sound again, but this time with fireworks!

I just wish I could see it all over again – it was AMAZING!

Morning World

Saturday Today!

The plan:

Guillemots at 1530 over at the Pyramid stage (cool), then after that I’m probably gonna have to desert my friends and run off to the Other Stage to see CSS..
My dear friend Bongo introduced me to this fantastic sound.. I’ve GOT to see them live!

Once that’s all done I’m gonna run back over to the Pyramid to catch Lily Allen (however that DOES mean missing The Klaxons… What to do, what to do, what to do?)!
Then at 6pm we’re discussing the merits of Babyshambles over Paolo Nutini.. To Be Decided.
After that?
Stay at the Pyramid for Paul Weller and The Kooks and then round all of that off with a few tracks from The Killers! Woo!

Ok.. First I need some breakfast.. … … … …

Oh – and before I go.. Just gotta say two words:



Wow wow wow wow wow… WOW!

Ahhh dudes! They were SO good! I mean like SO good! …and Yes, being a good little Blogger, I took some video for you… ENJOY!

What can I say?

First day (officially) of the festival and Wow WOW WOW!

There’s a lack of photos currently due to cursed battery power! Again!
But today.. I have seen:

Gogol Bordello

One CRAZY Russian punk band! The most amazing way to start Glasto.
Seek them out.. “start wearing purple, wearing purple!” ..after that came:

The amazing Amy Winehouse..

Wow. What a show. ‘Valerie’ went down a treat!

…before I carry on.. I need to share something with you –
Yes. A few thousand people will applaud Amy Winehouse – but there is NOTHING quite like hearing One Hundred and Seventy Thousand People cheer like they’ve never cheered before.. Why? THE SUN CAME OUT! Wee!
Ok..back to the story – after Amy came The Magic Numbers – i love this band.
Such HAPPY music..
However – the best part of THAT set was when they rounded off with a Guns’n’Roses Cover! Fan-bloody-tastic…

Had a little sleep after all that lot.. And now… I’m waiting for The Arcade Fire to come on…

The weather’s good though!

A Quick Poem

People laughing and smiling and camping on my hill.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury oh how we love you still.
Meeting my friends, some old and some new,
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury where would I be without you.

The music’s not started, yet the line up is here.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury don’t ever disappear.
Its muddy. Its raining. Its slippery wherever I tread.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury your music’s in my head.

The excitement is building, tomorrow it all kicks off.
Glastonbury oh Glastonbury you are the light to my moth.

“Your mission…”

“...should you choose to accept it, is to leave the Glastonbury Festival (that’s right Sir, I said leave), and go to Castle Cary train station to pick up a very important person… This blog will self destruct in five seconds..”

……still here?


Yep. Mission Impossible.

Jana’s friend has arrived and is on her way. One problem. We have her ticket. …

“Well that’s fine James..” – i hear you cry – “…just go and meet her at the Entrance!”

Ah ha – good one that. That’s what we thought.. But unfortunately the free coach from the station won’t bring her here without her ticket… So. Being the good friends that we are – we’re on the free bus to the station, to pick up said person, then get BACK on the free bus and head back into the beautiful Avalon that is The Glastonbury Festival…

…and on a final note. I’m really NOT looking forward to setting up ANOTHER tent here:

Morning has broken

And it is raining!
Not heavy rain mind, the annoying ‘thin’ rain that goes right through ya… Definitely Welly weather today! Weeeee… Breakin’ out the waterproofs too.. See below.. My ‘jack in a pack’.

Hmmm… and now time for Breakfast!

Fried egg sandwiches, coffee, a bit of fruit.. Then I think I might go for another wander..
Oh.. And one more thing..

A HUGE shout out to my colleagues over at Refresh Mobile who are avidly following my Glastonblog – bless em – they texted me this morning to tell me they’d ‘mobilized’ my blog!

So if you wanna keep up to date with Whatleydude’s Escapades on the Go.. Point your phone’s browser to http://wap.eyemags.com/1620 – new download available at 4am every day!

(now the pressure’s on – i best keep the content up to date – eek!)