MIR: The Mobile Geek of Glastonbury: Gadgets

Evening readers, Whatley here, writing this on my laptop en route to Pilton for the festival that is known as Glastonbury.

As you know from my last post, the multitude of tools available to the modern day, festival going Mobile Geek really is quite something… So here, for your pleasure, is a quick rundown of what I am taking with me, starting with the hardware…


I’ve packed my N95, my N95 8GB and my E61i. The E61i is perfect as an emergency, backup handset as the battery on that baby is HUGE and it lasts FOREVER (well, about 5 days). So if it all goes pear-shaped I can resort to using that. The N95s I’m going to tag-team throughout the day/festival. One to carry with me and one to charge. Speaking of chargers…


When it comes to keeping the batteries fully topped up, I?ve covered all bases with this one. I’ve got a Nokia DC-8 battery charger, bought this today, £25. Steep, but I?m a sucker for the branded stuff (and it’s worked OK so far).

I’ve also got a Free Loader Solar Charger (see below). This thing gets kudos just for the fact that out of all of the chargers, this was the only one that came with one for the Nintendo DS. Which has made my friends very happy indeed; Mario Kart for them while I type this passing Stone Henge, (fact).

Finally, I have this ‘GoHello’ wind-up charger and, as Ben Smith so rightly said in a recent Mobile Industry Review podcast – “…they ain’t called wind-ups for nothing”.

Seriously, I’ve got nothing out of this thing yet. Nothing. Boo.

On top of all that lot, I’ve got four (count ’em), N95 batteries. All fully charged before departure so let’s see how long they last shall we?! 🙂


Well stuff like Qik, Google Maps, VOX, SpinVox, Moblog etc… I kinda covered this last time round. I want to talk about the new stuff. Since writing that original piece I?’ve acquired two pieces of software; both of which have – so far – impressed me much.
First up is ViewRanger. I downloaded this earlier in the week and my thought was: What a load of rubbish!

THEN I downloaded the Glastonbury specific maps – aka Worthy Farm etc, and WOW! Impressed!
Check out this screenshot:

You can see that they’ve pre-loaded the app with the relative points of interest. Which is so awesome; things like cash machines, toilets, stages etc… And on top of that if I hit ‘Lock to GPS’ it’ll tell me where I am.
Rock on. I cannot wait to use this properly 🙂

The other piece of software is from Orange. It’s called GlastoNav and at first I really couldn’t get this to work..


A few days after this, once they had ironed out the gremlins and suchlike, this little app has turned out to be very handy indeed. Not only can I look at the (much richer interpretation) of the map, but also I can plan my schedule for the event… and THEN I can share that schedule with my fellow festival-goers!

So far (again), this has really impressed me 🙂

For actual mobile stuff, that’s all.

But, I have also been given some other cool pieces of gadgetry to use/play with. One of which is the Flip video camera. This is something that I think Ewan has spoken about a fair amount – my only problem with it however is that once my hour of recording is up, I can’t upload it until I get to a USB connection.
Bah! We’ll see how I get on with that one…

The other piece of REALLY COOL stuff I’ve been given is this Loc8tor device which, hand on heart, is the best thing yet (in theory anyway).

I attach the small part to something I might lose – i.e. my friends – and then, if I lose them, I switch the big part on and it beeps to tell me how close I am etc…
I had a play before I left the house and it rocked my socks.

So… again, we’ll see how we get on.

That’s it from me, I’m nearly at Glastonbury and my laptop is about to die. Thanks to Ben Smith for editing this for me and putting the media in etc…

You can keep up with my exploits at http://www.glastonblog.co.uk

See you soon!



This is me. At work. Missing Glastonbury. A LOT.

Can you see the big poster on the wall behind me?

That’s Glastonbury.. I’ll have to take a photo of it and upload it. And then? After that?
Whatever will I do with my lovely little ‘Glastonblog’ ?

Keep it going as my very own mobile blog?

Or sign it off into the ether as a piece of festival history?

All suggestions welcome.. 🙂

Just a quick note…

…to say that just because Glastonbury is over – does not mean this blog is coming to an end.

As I’ve mentioned previously – I’ve got plenty of stories and pics from my friends to upload yet. And then, once that’s all done.. I’m SURE I’ll still be uploading content from my mobile as often as possible.

Ideally i’d like to keep a theme of some kind.. I’m not sure I’m a large enough festival-goer to warrant a ‘festival-theme’ per se… So what about a music theme maybe?

I dunno..

All suggestions welcome! …in the meantime, watch this space, more Glasto-blogging to follow..

And.. Just so I’m keeping in tradition.. See below for a late night ‘from a distance’ pic that I took of The Killers just before one of their speakers went down and ruined the whole set… 🙁

Mud! Glorious Mud!


I’d like to think that eventually we’d all get used to to schlepping from one place to another in ankle deep sludge.. But oh no. You can’t really get used to it..
You can try and avoid it (it’s not worth the hassle, really), you can moan about it, (and just annoy everyone else in your group), you can even pretend it’s not there, (haha good luck).

Me? I just got on with it… I just faced up to the fact that no matter what.. ‘The Mud’ ..is synonymous with Glastonbury and it just wouldn’t be the same without it.

However… There’s accepting The Mud.. Then there’s *embracing* The Mud.. Like these chaps..

Not gonna catch me doing that chum! Nosirree Bob!