Monkey Business

The Brothers Whatley

My little brother has been in town all week and last night, finally, we managed to make some time to sit down and chat rubbish for a few minutes.

The camera gives up right at the end (my fault for not deleting all my #vlomo content off the memory from last year), but I think it ends everything with quite a nice little cliffhanger that perhaps we can pick up on next time…

I will never get tired of making these. Ever.

Things that make me smile #1

Probably the first in a series. Maybe.

It’s silly really but the view from my rear window always makes me smile –

Backroom view... 1

Still unclear?

Let me turn the contrast up –

Backroom view... 2

See that?

At night, when the light is on in the study, you can play shadow puppets on the house opposite. If you put your hands flat against your head, you look a little bit like Batman.


That’s all.

Rankin Live

Moleskine entry: August 23rd, 2009

“Hair and make-up sir?”

“Um… Oh… Er..”

“Is the anything in particular you want doing?”

“Um… A photo?”

“Ok well some boys want their hair and make-up done, some don’t. Some just want to walk on… eau natural.”

What do you think?

Am I a hair and make-up kind of guy or not? You know me, right?

No crazy exploits this time ’round.

No bonkers make-up or dodgy eyeliner, just some good old fashioned basic foundation, a friendly photographer and of course, a smattering of James Whatley.

Stop what you’re doing right now…

…and watch this.

I don’t usually just post videos (not unless there’s a bloody good reason at least), but this video from OK GO is fantastic.

Yes, it’s totally inspired by that Honda advert, however – true to the ‘take-it-and-make-it-better’ generation we all live in – the guys really do build on what’s gone before to make this an utter delight to watch.


Thanks to Matt Singley for the heads-up.