New Year, New Challenges

2011 is going to be a big year for 1000heads; we’re formally opening several offices across the globe (many of which are already hiring, by the way) and the entire team seems to have come back from the Christmas break with a renewed sense of ambition and direction. It’s electric.

For myself, having spent 2010 defining (and refining) the engagement strategy for the company both internally and externally, it’s time to move onto pastures new*.

When I hit my year anniversary back in October, a conversation began about where we (1000heads and I) could go next. What did we decide? Well…

I’m about three weeks into my new role** and, as the challenges ahead grow ever larger and more exciting, I’m this close to being in the perfect position to knock every single one of them out of the park.

Bring. It. On.


James Whatley
Marketing Director

*staying on at the same farm, obviously
**leaked in the press at the weekend