Harry Brown

…is a great film. Seriously.

If you’ve not seen it yet, seek it out. It’s a bit dark, in an Ill Manors kind of way but definitely worth it.

When you watch it though, realise that it could also be interpreted as a companion piece to the Dark Knight trilogy – aka – ‘Where would Alfred end up if he was never hired by the Wayne family?’

True story.


Dark Knight Rises: Exclusive Nokia Trailer

“Mr Wayne…” 

I am so up for this. Tickets have been bought, opening weekend is in (IMAX style, natch) and, of course, the Nokia campaign is kicking off very shortly in full swing

Check. It. Out.

^Bonus Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper

There might be a few more tricks up their sleeves between now and launch.
Watch closely…



To say I’m a little excited about The Dark Knight Rises would be an understatement. It is the end of the Nolan-universe era and it promises to be… something else.

I’m extremely, extremely lucky to have worked quite close to the film – especially around the 6min prologue released at the back end of last year. Even that was enough to work me up to a frenzy. Tom Hardy, one of my favourite actors, looks absolutely incredible as BANE.

This latest image says it all…

– Bane Wallpaper –

90 days and counting.