Three things arrived in the post today

First, a rather super-awesome Superdry hoodie from those kind folk at Cult Clothing. Not only does it fit, but it’s also perfectly timed as I AM ILL RIGHT NOW and being cosy and warm helps me feel better.

Look – ILL

Superdry Hoodies

Second, an actual Amazon Kindle Fire HD gifted to me from Dolby, via Kred Rewards. I am both amazed and massively thankful. Plus (and I really hope my Mum isn’t reading this) that’s Christmas all wrapped up for a certain relative of mine, definitely.


In-kred-ible even (sorry, couldn’t help it).

Third and finally, a selection of digital goodies from Neil Gibson Comics / T-Publications. I love a good comic book (you’re in shock, I know) and well, I rarely venture into new territories without muchos research beforehand. This, amongst others, has come my way so I’m going to read it. Easy.

What did you get in the post today?