Nokia N91 8GB Comparison Shots

Right then!
Obviously I’m going to have this lovely little phone for a little while… and obviously this phone is predominantly a music phone, (not a multimedia phone), so it wouldn’t really be fair to compare it to my Nokia N95… would it?
Oh I don’t know..
We’ll see…

First I think I’ll just do some size shots..

I must admit – it is a bit bigger than the current range of Nokias on the market.. but more than that is the sheer weight of the thing.. it’s just so damn heavy!
When I had the N93i I mainly demonstrated the uses of the camera but as I’ve already mentioned – that’s not what the N91 8GB is for…
So really I should make this sort of comparison… No?

You tell me…


N93i vs N95 – Camera

Afternoon all.

As previously mentioned I went to a lovely wedding at the weekend and took along my WOM provided N93i (as well as my own N95) to take some shots.
I used both phones throughout but, as I was having such a lovely day, I only really remembered to double up my photos occasionally. Um…


I was at a wedding you know!

Anyway – I’ve finally gone through all my pics (sorted by ‘Camera Model’ – did not know I could do that!) and found the comparison shots…

First batch: My friends

(who insisted on swapping places between photos!)

Can you tell the difference?
This second set was of the converted barn where the reception was held…

Anyone care to guess which photos came from which phone?
To make it fair on the N93i – I reduced the N95’s settings to 3 megapixels…

What do you think?
All opinions welcomed.

More N93i vs N95 shots

Last post before I chip off to Canterbury tomorrow for my friend’s wedding and for the day, I have decided to give the N93i to my friend Dom. She works in TV and does a lot of filming… I know Dom’s been after one of these phones for AGES!

Back when the first video camera phone was announced.. The N90 was it?
Anyway, before I go, I thought I’d post up some more shots of the phone alongside my N95…

More to follow after the weekend..

Thank You WOM!

Those lovely folk over at WOM World have gone and furnished yours truly with a lovely (if somewhat cumbersome!) Nokia N93i for a grand total of two weeks…

Ain’t that nice of them? 🙂

Am currently writing this blog on the tube on the way home c/o my personal N95 and I must say; it’s gonna be hard to tear myself away from this beauty for a little while…
But, as luck would have it, I’m off to a friend’s wedding this weekend. So I shall be packing my shiny new N93i (with the latest firmware too I hasten to add – Come on..! It was the first thing I checked) and will be giving it a proper test run..

In the meantime – checkout these shots I took today..