Canvey Island

So I’ve just got back from a weekend in Essex on the the beautiful, (no really), Isle of Canvey.

I caught up with some old friends, played some Wii, laughed a hell of a lot and drank a fair bit of wine too!
I know 99% of my readers have never been to Canvey before so I’ve taken the liberty of uploading some photos of the ‘idyllic’ seafront along with the ‘picturesque’ sandy beaches..

All taken with my trusty N95 too!

Once this is uploaded i’ll get to work a little post entitled –

The Mobile Geeks of London

(which I was supposed to write last week!)

But for now… Boats and Beaches!


Afternoon all..

Well.. its been ages since my last ‘proper’ update I know.. so..
Let’s address that shall we?!

Ok.. so last time we spoke I’d just got to Gibraltar.

Did I mention all about that?

*goes back and checks previous blogs*

Right.. you get the basic gist of the whole ‘last minute trip’ thing?
Basically – I had an inkling that I might be going but it wasn’t confirmed to me until about 7pm on the Wednesday evening!
So I packed super sharpish and then the following day I (phoned in sick at work – bad man I know) then jumped on a train to Gatwick!

I must admit I was chuckling to myself a bit on the flight over – it was just SO random! 24hrs previously if you’d have asked me what will I be doing this time tomorrow.. “Err.. working!” ..would’ve been the response!

Ah well. But yeah – it was a surprise for my Dad. As I mentioned previously – I havent spent Father’s Day with him in about 20yrs.. He left when I was everso young see.. there’s a whole different blog you could dedicate to dealing with that whole thing, so I’m not gonna even try and go into it here.
My Dad left, he now lives in Gibraltar. Thats it. Not gonna bother with the rest.

So yeah – it was cool – as I said – I was going to go and see my Dad – but as ever, whenever I’m over there – I spend all my time with my l’il bro.

He is UBER cool.

(excuse to post another pic? oh go on then)

Yup. That’s my bro.

Anywhoo – yeah – so my weekend was cool. Had some good chats with my Dad. Been needing to see him of late considering the amound of crap I’ve been through and stuff y’know?
But yeah… it was nice to hang out.
I was always sleep so much more there y’know? Just kick back and properly relax.. its cool.

It’s always slightly hard being at my Dad’s. He’s got a few issues..
Erm.. long story short: About 10yrs ago or so an Acrow Prop fell about 20ft and embedded itself into his head.. all very nasty. But yeah – no immediate problems – still alive etc – but after a while.. a few memory issues revealed themselves.
Think ‘Memento’ but not as intense.
My Dad lost a large chunk of his long term memory but also his short term memory took a beating too.. so you can talk to him and then mid-sentence he’ll just forget what he’s talking about.. which is ok – you can nudge him and he might remember.. but he just forgets stuff.
Anyway – thats hard – on top of that he cant really think straight a lot of the time and gets quite paranoid.. its quite hard to deal with.
I got a bit upset while I was over there.. I’ll tell ya why..

Sometimes its hard. I like going to see my family in Gibraltar y’know but I can’t really deal with being there for a long time.. and on the Saturday it was already beginning to get to me… and then I feel worse because here I am in Gibraltar, seeing my Dad and my Brother and I want to come home! I mean how selfish do I want to be?!

So yeah – I got a bit upset.. so I had a moan to my mate Ash who, in all fairness to him, gave me a right kick up the backside. I stopped moping about and just enjoyed being there y’know?

My Dad’s cool. I do like talking to him and my brother’s wicked too.
In fact – here they are!

So yeah –
I had a good time in Gib. It had its ups and downs but there were more ups. Definitely.

So yeah – got home from Gibraltar last Sunday evening..

Monday: Went to work – all good. Monday night my friend Susan came over and cooked dinner for us which was nice – havent seen her in a while and we had a good natter..
(Thai Red Curry – with that thai-paste I bought that day in Tescos ZenJen!)
..AND we finished off two bottles of wine – whoopsee! Hahaha..
Anyway – yeah – that was cool.. walked Susan home and came back and crashed out..

Tuesday: I woke up – felt a bit rough.. decided to blow work out.
Yep. I know – poof. A little bit of wine and I go sick with a hangover..
Well NO – it wasnt like that.. I just fancied chilling out so THERE.
Tuesday night I went to me mate Mickey’s house and watched the England go through to the last 16 of the World Cup by winning their group against Sweden. That was also tres cool.. and yet again.. I drank a bottle of wine.

Wednesday: woke up.. felt a bit rough.. (you can see where this is going already cant you) ..blew work out! Hahah..
Wednesday was a nice sunny day if I recall correctly so I did all my washing that day yeah – good domesticated young lad that I am. :o)
Cant remember what I did Wednesday night now.. Hmmm.. Ah well.

Thursday: Took the day off AGAIN, (you know I hate my job right?)
Again – cant really remember exactly what I did with my day.. I THINK it involved sunbathing and stuff but anything after that is a bit vague..
Thursday night I had Drama Workshop over in Surbiton. That was cool.
There was LOADS of us – best turnout yet. Had a great laugh and went for a drink afterwards too.. :o)

Friday: Well. If you’re gonna take Thursday off you may as well take the Friday too! Hehehe.. Friday I got up, chilled out, packed my bags (you’ll see why) and went and met my mate Jobs for lunch at Liverpool Street.

Here we are:

We were a bit hammered at that point.. because..
I say ‘lunch’.. there wasn’t really any eating involved.. just drinking. So yeah.. It was a beautiful afternoon so we spent about four hours drinking wine in the city.. got shedded. Was WELL funny. I was heading down to Essex afterwards to hang out with some of my friends there.. God knows how I made it back!
I know that I decided to try and find Fenchurch St station at some point.. and then the next thing I remember I was on Canvey Island.. so I must’ve made it on my own somehow! Hahaha..
That was cool.. Got back to Canvey, nipped home, dropped my bag off and then rocked on round to my best mate Tony’s.

Me and the Sensei had a nice evenin’ drinkin’ and catchin’ up.. all good.
Although.. I got THAT hammered I ended up crashin’ at Tony’s and I NEVER crash at Tony’s. I always walk home y’know? But yeah.. I was TRASHED. Hahaha.. never mind.

Saturday: I woke up at about 7am ish. Dragged my sorry ass back to me Mum’s. My Mum by the way is currently in Cyprus – so I had the house to myself. Which was coooooool as. My own little pad y’know?
So yeah – Saturday, go home, shower, change, go and see my gay uncle down at the Barber’s.
Don’t Ask.

Then took a walk round town – bumped into my mate Zoe – that was cool. Had a really good chat with her.. she’s an old friend of mine… and if I hadn’t already written an absolute marathon blog post I’d probably go into what we talked about – maybe another day. A few of you already know.. I’ll leave it at that for now.. 😉
So yeah – Saturday night went back round Tony’s, got drunk again.. managed to make it home on my own this time though – so I wasnt THAT bad! Hahah..

Sunday: Woke up on the sofa in me Mum’s front room. Mental. Stayed there the whole weekend and not once did I crash on the bed. Numpty.. although.. saying that.. my Mum’s sofa is SO comfy..
I digress…
Sunday – got up, cut the grass (I’m a good boy) and then my mate Laws came over for a moan about all the men in her life – hahah – so that was quite funny. She’s just out of the otherside of a nasty breakup is Laws and we always have a good chat. Sharing advice etc.. y’know.. anyway – Laws left and Bodge turned up.. Me and Bodge grabbed Tony and Big Dave and we went for a kickabout before the footy.. Nice.. s’been YEARS since we did anything like that – had a right laugh.
Went back to mine (well – me Mum’s) afterwards and watched the England make it through to the World Cup Quarter Finals by beating Ecuador 1-0 thanks to a sublime David Beckham free kick..
We got Pizza.. . (thats officially the most un-healthiest thing I’ve eaten since arriving home from Thailand) ..and got on the beers (again) and then everyone left so I could pack up and head back to Twickenham.

Slight problem with that.. I’m bat-faced.
..and the last thing I wanna do is spend 2hrs on Sunday trains dragging myself back to Twickers. So I slacked it off… with the intention to get up early this morning and then go to work from Canvey..
Obviously that didn’t happen..

I am back in Twickenham NOW.
But I’m not at work.. I WILL go back tomorrow.. I WILL!


Anyway – I’ve had a great weekend.
I’ve hardly spent any money ( i dont have any! )
In general…
Life is pretty good…

I’ve got a new job starting soon…

I’ve got some great friends… (you know who you are)
..and some crackin’ mates. (so do you)
So yes..

Ladies & Gentlemen – I am a very lucky man and I am enjoying my life.
Thank you.

Next time I won’t leave it so long – I promise.