I’m in Canada, writing from my second hotel of about four I think for this trip. The first night, in the Wyndhams, my body clock was still adjusting. At 4am my eyes opened like it was 9am and kicked me up into the day. Damn. “Best start work then…”

First, coffee….  and this is what I’m faced with –

Another poor quality photo from the Nexus One. Sigh.

There isn’t much tech in the world that I don’t get on with, however coffee machines (along with most fax machines) would be on the very short list if I ever made one. In fact, I just did and look – they’re at the top.


Were there any instructions for the machine anywhere in the room? No.
Any tips or pointers on the actual machine itself? No.

Tweet tweet –

About 90mins later, this appeared –

What’s the twitpic behind the link?

Well… THIS:

How freaking amazing is that? My tweet, illustrated.

To give you some background, I stumbled across Irkafirka sometime ago now, back when they randomly sketched one of Benny’s tweets. I thought it was amazing and started following them. Both on Twitter and on RSS. Irkafirka illustrate tweets. Randomly. And they’re awesome.

Yesterday they did one of mine and I’m grinning form ear to ear.

Thanks to both of you, Chris and Nick. I’m made up.


Mobile Geeks of Montreal

#mgola MattSingley, WhatleyDude, Jebbrillant, Riot

Matt Singley, James Whatley, Jeb Brilliant and Brad Fidler @ MGoLA
– via the very talented Rachael Depp

The last time we took the Mobile Geeks of London on Tour was back in September last year when we descended on the Big Apple itself, New York. Before that, Los Angeles (where the above awesome photo was taken – thanking you @Rachael).

But what about 2010? Where in the world should we host Mobile Geeks of London ‘On Tour’ this time ’round?

Well, I’ll you right now – we’re headed to Canada! 😀

Mobile Geeks of London ON TOUR

Since the start of the year I’ve had a couple of trusted friends run their own ‘franchise’ events of the Mobile Geeks vein, a couple of which have actually already appeared within the Canadian borders; covering both Vancouver and Toronto. Good work Tom Hall.

However, this is Canada’s very first Mobile Geeks ‘On Tour’ event and what an event it’s set out to be.

Mobile Geeks of London ‘On Tour’ in Montreal – aka #MGoM – kicks of Friday 16th July at The Daylight Factory on 1030 Rue Saint Alexandre, Montreal.

If you’re coming, please add yourself to the facebook event page and – all flights and connections pending – I’ll see you there!



Date: 16th July 2010
Time: 18:30ish – 23:00ish
Location: The Daylight Factory
Street: 1030 Rue Saint Alexandre
Town/City: Montreal

I know most of the Mobile Geeks of London are, by definition, NOT based in Montreal but, some of you reading this might be, or you may someone who knows someone…
You get the idea.



PS. If you’re wondering what I’m doing in Canada in the first place, then look no further than the #N97MiniTour, I’ll be joining the WOMWorld/Nokia team for the second leg of the trip from Montreal to Toronto it’s literally going to be amazing…

Bring. It. On.