5 things on Friday #8

Some stuff from the w/e Feb 24th, 2012.

  1. Woman in Black – aka ‘Harry Potter and the Spooky Ghost’
    Surprisingly good, genuinely scary and overall a bloody good night out at the cinema, WiB is definitely worth a look. The only real problem with it, if I’m completely honest, is that Mr Radcliffe still very much looks like a certain Mr Potter. He’s on a train out of London and suddenly you think he’s on the Hogwart’s Express… Annoying, but I’m sure it’ll pass. Eventually.
  2. Claire Claire Claire Claire Claire
    Claire’s Accessories trended on Twitter this past week and it was not for a fun reason. Simply put: they’ve been caught, red-handed (again), stealing / pilfering / thieving / plagiarising designs from others. Not cool. Cue much deleting of angry Facebook fan comments and general poor social media crises management. Claire’s Accessoires, if you’re reading this, get in touch. I can help.
  3. Terence Stamp
    One of my favourite sources of creative inspiration, My Modern Metropolis, posted their ‘Pic of the Day‘ this week and it was this awesome photo of a ‘now and then’ Terence Stamp. Wonderful stuff.
  4. Cafe Rouge, Maida Vale
    Without doubt the worst meal I’ve had all year. Avoid them at all costs. I tweeted something similar earlier this week, they replied. I filled in their form, they sent a lack-lustre response. The result? I still feel the same and I won’t be going back. Poor customer service annoys me. You never know how far those butterfly beats will fly.
  5. Mobile Geekery!
    The best thing to happen all week? I managed to catch up with some of the finest mobile geeks (and friends) London has to offer. Dan ‘I’m building my own mobile network‘ Lane, Ben ‘Bloggers in suits‘ Smith, Edward ‘Somehow I’ve blagged a job at RBS‘ Hodges aaaaaand Ilicco ‘Oh my God I’m at an agency‘ Elia (and we had a small does of Alistair ‘GRAPPLE ME‘ Crane too).All top chaps, all fantastic friends. Much, much merriment was had.