Trimming in Public – Part 2

I’m publicly sorting through my RSS feed, ten feeds at a time.
Background (and part 1) posted last week.

Next ten, here we go –

501st TK Project
We’re into part two and we hit the first of my geeky/arty subscriptions that help connect things in a different way. The 501st TK Project is, believe it or not, an entire blog dedicated to Stormtrooper Helmet mods. No, no really. IT IS AWESOME. Well, it was. The last post went live on Christmas Eve 2010 and there hasn’t been one since. I’ve no idea why. Sad really. The blog is still live so you’re still able to check out the community submissions however, for the purpose of this exercise, it’s time to cut.
Decision: Remove 

Ha! Hilariously this is the ex-tumblr of one Stefan Constantinescu – the chap that originally inspired this series of posts (and someone with whom I’m now podcasting – more on that, later) God knows when he stopped tumbling, but it looks like the blog is dead. So… even though it started out well… it’s time to say goodbye.
Decision: Remove 

:: gia’s blog ::
Gia Milinovich is a lovely woman. I first met her at the original Tuttle club (or maybe perhaps through Seesmic, I forget) and the soft, warm american drawl had me at hello. These days, she’s known as Mrs Brian Cox (something she’s written about also) but having worked on everything from X-Files through to Indiana Jones (and a fair bit inbetween) her blog is quite frankly, excellent.
Decision: Keep

a binary life (aka ‘the typing monkey’)
The blog of my friend Ana Bee. Ana and I met on the now-defunct (but fondly remembered) Finnish social network, Jaiku. A former Londoner who now lives back in her native Poland, Ana’s distinct point of view on the world is one that I quite enjoy. That as well being quite bonkers means that her blog gets to stay.
Decision: Keep 

a Brilliant Blog
Brilliant by name, brilliant by nature – I met Jeb Brilliant at Mobile World Congress several years back. We’ve met up several times since then, even managing to work together on both Mobile Geeks of LA + Las Vegas, and he’s a great guy. A massive mobile head, like me, his opinions often jive with mine – so I like to read them.
Decision: Keep 

A smidge of what I fancy
I love Peter Hay. The end.
Decision: Keep

About Foursquare
When I was working at the ‘heads (and constantly getting my inner creative technologist on), being on top of the latest and greatest developments across multiple social networks was part of the game. About Foursquare, the unofficial source for all things related to the location-based service, was one of my tools (and it helped). Lately, it’s mainly been about badges and promotions but, that aside, it’s still a good way to keep an eye on what brands are doing in this space. It’s rare that anything gets missed, and on that basis alone, it stays.
Decision: Keep 

Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
Futurologist, ex-Nokian and author (of the fantastic ‘Everyware: the dawning age of of ubiquitous computing’), Adam Greenfield is one helluva smart guy. I saw him speak once, at Nokia Open Labs 2008, where he discussed how the line between man and machine will continually blur over the coming years and used the humble contact lens as his example. While he doesn’t blog that much these days, he’s still an engaging writer and, when he does put e-pen to e-paper, I’m all ears / eyes.
Decision: Keep 

The blog of Saatchi & Saatchi strategy director, Richard Huntington. I like it.
Decision: Keep 

Creative inspiration from Darryl, Bill and Angela. I found this blog after following Darryl there after he left his switched from Brandflakes for Breakfast (another great source of interesting advertising stuff). There’s a whole bunch of cool stuff that gets chucked out several times a day. Good to keep an eye on what’s going on out in the industry. Especially good for ‘Yeah, been done’ conversations.
Decision: Keep 

Part two finished. Part three coming at some point in the future.
Meanwhile, while we’re sharing, do have any suggestions for blogs I should be reading?

Let me know.

Muchos gracias.



Somewhere over the US

Are we over water now? I think so. At least, we should be. I guess we’ve been up for an hour now, maybe longer. My toes hurt.

Damn shoes.

I love my job. Six seats to my right a couple of competition winners sit happily drinking beer, looking forward to their prize; two VIP red blue carpet tickets to the Tron: Legacy ‘World Premiere’ in Hollywood.

I was at the London one last weekend. That was cool. Although Patrick probably nailed it best when he said “Premieres are fun but it’s essentially like going to the cinema with a suit on” – Yes Pat, just like that (if you ignore the Hollywood superstars arriving around you and of course the free popcorn.. that’s always a winner. Let’s not forget that).

LA. Again.

I’ve been there before y’see, although last time was a holiday, this time it’s for work. I think I’ve managed to wangle some down time over the coming week, with both Sunday evening and Monday daytime currently cleared for catching up with some of my favourite Californians. Matt & Jen namely and probably Jeb too, if there’s time.

I love the internetz for stuff like this. Having such a large global network means that more often than not there is always someone to see or meet. Some might see that as an annoyance (and to an extent, I can understand why), however if I ever want to completely escape… utterly switch off… then I know how to do that too.

Obviously you wouldn’t know when those times happen because I don’t actually talk about them. But they are there. Gently. Flowing back and forth.  Slowly. Like a soft breath on the wind…

But I like people. I love people. Even the inconsiderate German chap in front of me on this flight (seat thrown back, feet pushing against the wall in front) I love them all.

Well, I try… 🙂

Fast forward

I’ve raced over the deadline and time has caught up with me. Annoying. Time hasn’t been my friend and a full year has lapped my moleskine entries.

In a word; balls. Time to knuckle down and bust these guys out. The next few posts are going to be ALL moleskine entries.

I really need to catch up.

Until later…

Notes from Namibia

Moleskine entry: July 9th, 2009

I’ve never flown this far South before. Cape Town is 10hrs straight down. Damaraland, Namibia 2hrs back up again.

The stars are very different here.

Last night we slept out under the skies, in the middle of a half-million hectare concession, where people, wildlife and animals all co-exist together. Rhino, Springbok, Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, Cheetah, Elephant and Ostrich. We’re told there’s no real danger, but we’re quiet all the same.

On the way out, Eric – our guide – remarks that the stripes of a Zebra are as unique as that of a human fingerprint.

“Zebras have human fingerprints?”…asks a not-really-listening Suhel.
“Yes Suhel, Zebras have human fingerprints.”

We laugh, uncontrollably.

Lions walked past through our camp, right past them. There are paw prints outside my door. I heard them late, out there in the dark, purring their deep, low grumble. Not quite a growl, not quite a roar but still… that sound.

A glimpse through the window revealed nothing. I could see the light from a distant toilet-tent knocking gently in the trees, but that is all. The moonlight, so bright out here in the middle of nowhere, shines down clearly, basking all in pale illumination.  But I see nothing.

Still, I hear them mumble.

Los Angeles – – > 9000miles

I’ve been away.

This entry – originally written in long hand at around 32,000ft on April 30th – might explain why things have been quiet of late…

It’s official. I’m on Holiday.

The last time I took any kind of break like this was in the gap between my last job and this one, some 20months ago in fact.
Sitting on this plane mere hours from my destination, eagerly awaiting my arrival, I look forward to days of Sun, sea and sand along with a smattering of sight-seeing & shopping.

The City of Angels is where I’m headed.

Plans ahead, although few in number, are making me smile; Dinner with friends, drinks with others.

Plenty to see, find and do and yet – there’s no urgency around any of it.

There is no rush.
There is no fuss.
There is only L.A.

And I like it.

Here’s to good food, damn good company and here’s to having a bloody nice time!


I’m back now and, as seems to be the norm l whenever I go away, I’ve been catching up with a lot of writing.
Stay tuned.

Whatley out.

The Man from Auntie

“We interupt this broadcast to bring you an important message…

I mentioned last week (amongst other things) that I would be ‘back once again to some cool BBC-based activities’ that I couldn’t actually talk about. Well, I could but I didn’t want to until it was all done, dusted and in the bag as it were… Well in the bag it is so.. Now I can tell you 🙂

This past weekend I was invited onto BBC Radio Five Live‘s ‘Pods & Blogs‘ programme to talk about all things mobile. Well, not all things mobile, (that’d be silly), but just mobile news-based stuff. Things like the T-Mobile G1 ‘Google Phone’, (which I actually got to have a play with a while back), the Firefox ‘Fennec’ Mobile Browser, The Future of Mobile Conference, Mobile Broadband and the new Sony Ericsson W595.

So – for your listening pleasure – I’ve put a little Ovi file together of the whole show. It’s about 24mins long and I come on around the 18min mark. Hope you like it…

You can

download the show Get Adobe Flash player
from the Pods & Blogs website itself but I think it’s only up for a week, so get it quick! 😉

In the meantime, writing this up reminded me of the last time I did some stuff with the Beeb. Which, thinking on it, I don’t think I actually blogged about… Hmm. Maybe I should rectify that then? If it’s not too late..

Yeah ok, so way back in March I was invited onto BBC Radio 4‘s Today Programme on behalf of my employer, SpinVox, to talk about ‘The Business of Blogging’… i.e.: What is it I actually do for SpinVox and why (I think) it is important that brands have a presence in the blogosphere..
Because it is y’know… Important.

Rory Cellan-Jones gave his full write-up not long after the show aired but, in keeping with the Ovi multimedia theme of this post – you can listen to that particular segment of the show down below – with thanks to Neil from iGadget Life for capturing it for me.

As ever, your thoughts and feedback are welcome.