The Sartorialist. A Visual Life.

Every Friday here at 1000heads HQ, we host an internal event called ‘3 Cool Things’. At around 5pm ish a certain ‘head gathers up the rest the hard-working bunch and gathers them all into the breakout area to share the three coolest things they’ve seen that week.

Take this example for instance (demonstrating some of the 3D awesomeness we worked on late last year)

Awesome. @1000heads... in 3D!!

It’s a veritable goldmine of content/fun/awesome shenanigans. Some bits are bloggable, some definitely aren’t. This past Friday one particular ‘head presented this video, from The Sartorialist, entitled ‘A Visual Life’.

Coming in at seven minutes long, it’s no short snappy piece for the attention-deficit generation. However, it is quite an interesting look at one of the world’s most well-respected fashion bloggers, providing both an insight into what it is that inspires him and also how he goes about looking for that inspiration.

It really is a great short film (and well worth a watch).

But what I found most thought-provoking overall was that the whole presentation as it were, was brought to you/us by Intel. ‘Visibly Smart’ their product line says, and ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’.

Why Intel? Why The Sartorialist? Like I said, I love the video, I just don’t quite get the connection…

Do you?