Five things on Friday #64

Things of note for the week ending March 21st, 2014.


1. Retro Film Posters
I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff. The Jaws one above is super-subtle but there’s a Die Hard one which rocks my face off and an Iron Giant one that makes my heart leap. Go look, and enjoy.

2. The Circle of Life
This National Geographic video of a jaguar taking out a crocodile has done the rounds a lot (so much so that by the time I saw it it was already an animated gif) but still, it’s so badass you just have to watch it again.

3. Eat Sleep Social

Eat Sleep Social

There aren’t that many social media blogs that I read regularly, let alone recommend. However Eat Sleep Social is one of the better ones I’ve come across. I do read it regularly and look at that, here I am recommending you do the same. Amazing.

Hop to it.

4. Batman vs Terminator
This is cool.

5. Life Improvement: Five Simple Emails
Every now and then, one of these ‘Improve your life in five easy steps!’ things actually makes sense. This is one of those times. Read it, and then do the hard part – make it happen.

And we’re done.

Well, nearly. Here’s three bonus things  –

Now we’re done.


Five things on Friday #59

Things of note for the week ending February 14th, 2014.


1. Stunning animals
Wolf Ademeit has a habit of taking amazing photos of our fellow Earth inhabitants and this latest batch is no exception. The above, ‘hi human’ is my favourite, by a long way. But all of them are just beautiful.

2. Treat life like an Experiment
You only get one shot, so why not? Fast Company, on Leo Babauta.


Analysis frequently provides paralysis. Sartre said that man is condemned by his freedom; if you’ve ever stood slack-jawed in a cereal aisle overwhelmed by granola granularity, you’ve tasted that existential quandary. As Babauta notes, we get paralyzed because we’re fretting about making the perfect choice–and worried about making the wrong choice.

It’s a little micro moment of perfectionism. And as psychologist Brené Brown has told us, if perfectionism is driving, then shame is riding shotgun. Why? Because when we make choices, we make ourselves vulnerable to being “wrong,” and since we always need to be right to maintain a sense of self worth, it would be really, really shamefulto select the wrong brand of cereal.

And from Babauta himself, this:

With an experiment, you run a test, and see what the results are. If you don’t get good results, you can try another option, and run another test. Then you can see what the outcomes of the choices are (the info you didn’t have when first thinking about the decision), and can make a better-informed decision now.

Try it, what’s the worst that could happen?

Apologies for the capitals but, seriously, this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Plus: SCIENCE. Open it in a new window, load it up in HD, then make it full-screen. It just gets better and better…


4. Pinky & The Brain do tongue twisters.
These guys were easily the best thing to come out of The Animaniacs and the writing was nearly always superb [in the show overall]. But man alive, the script team must’ve had a field day with this one. Enjoy –

Oh, and the transcript is available too. Tres awesome.

5. The best Lorde cover EVER [CLOWN KLAXON]
I played this to death towards the end of 2013. But today, on Valentine’s Day, it seems oddly fitting.

See y’all next week.