So long 2010

LIke Minds Summit, Feb 2010

– Image via Scott Gould

For the first time, in a long time, I find myself standing at the precipice of a New Year, staring out at a blank canvas.

It’s exhilarating.

It scares the living hell out of me, it makes my blood pump hard and my brain can’t work and adrenaline floods my insides whenever I even begin to pause and think about it… and it aches, oh my God it aches. But.. it… is…  exhilarating. I feel alive. The possibilities now are endless.

This –

I am a snow globe.
Shake me.
Let the blizzard roar.
This is what I was made for.

The peace. The intensity. The calm in the storm. The beauty of the fall. The peace.

Come on 2011, take your best shot….



I’m ready for you.




– – –

This is where things get really…

At the turn of last year, a friend of mine, Tarek Esber put virtual pen to digital paper and wrote about the phrase that he wanted to see most of in 2009.

That phrase was #Awesome09

Basically, this meant that when or if something particularly awesome happened in 2009, you would celebrate it wildly and shout about it, much.

As Tarek himself put it back in February:

“Now more than ever people need to hear good news, something positive to connect with. So I am asking everyone to share all the Awesome that comes their way in 2009 with their communities.

Anything that that has made you smile, that has given you hope, that inspired you or that you just thought was pretty damn cool. Share it all, the small Wins and the big ones.”

This we did.

So much so in fact, a few of us even considered throwing an unconference together – so that we could all share in the Awesome.  Alas, time constraints meant that it was never meant to be. However, at least we know what we need for next time…

Speaking of next time. What of 2010?

Well, back in October when I first joined 1000heads, I struck up a conversation with one of my colleagues about the whole ‘what’s going to happen after awesome09?’ thing and decided that next year (and by that obviously I mean this year), would be about the interesting.

Said colleague – step forward Mr Dale – was already working on something similar and thus, Interes10 was born.

“During 2009, when anyone asked ‘What did you do yesterday?’ more often than not, I didn’t have a good answer. So during 2010, I’ve resolved to do something interesting every single day (except Mondays, you got to have some breathing space).”

He didn’t embrace Awesome09 with the same vigour as the rest of us it would seem but anyway…

This is his mission, this is my mission and if you want, it can be your mission too. Robbie’s still building the blog out to include tag searches across different mediums etc but…

Be it through blogs, tweets, photos or vids – if it was something interesting and you did it this year, tag it up with #Interes10 and join the movement.

The future’s bright.
The future’s interes10.