UPDATED: Audioboo for Symbian available; WP7 to follow

February; the shortest month of the year has, somehow been incredibly long this year. What with the Nokia/Microsoft announcement, Mobile World Congress and of course, NOT at Mobile World Congress, it’s a wonder the Really Mobile team have had any time to do anything!

However, we’re quite good at wonders here so, a short while ago, I sat down with Audioboo CEO and Founder Mark Rock to talk about his latest Audioboo client, this time – for Symbian.

Update: Audioboo for Symbian is now fully baked! Get it from the Ovi Store now!

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We’re #NotatMWC!

Well, I say ‘we’. What I mean is, Dan and I certainly aren’t. Ben is.

But we’re not talking to Ben right now.

If you’re in London town on the evening February 17th then come and join one half of the Really Mobile team for much merriment and mobile-shaped beers at All Bar One, New Oxford Street from about 7pm onwards…

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HTC HD7: First look [Yes, it’s Windows Phone 7]

Well, it’s here. We’ve had it for a good couple of weeks now and it’s a beauty. Of the six Windows Phone 7 devices released this week, the o2 exclusive HTC HD7 is the biggest and best of the bunch.


When the news broke that these devices – this new OS – was on the horizon, many scoffed. But I think TechCrunch said it best when they said, “Did Microsoft bring a gun to a gunfight?

Someone’s stepped up their game and it shows.

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1, 2, 3… STRETCH! [O’Neil & Philips Headphones First Look]

I have sweaty ears. New earphones see, they do that. And the ones I’m sporting above are no exception. A co-branded effort from Philips and O’Neill, these bad boys were sent to us just over a week ago and here’s what I make of them after a week of usage.

I’ll put it out there right away; when it comes to ear/headphones, I’m not an expert. Truth. Therefore, ideally, I should give them to the music fan amongst us but, she’s not here. So you’re stuck with Whatley and Smith view.

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N900 vs Nexus One: Confessions of an Android user

I wrote this post back in April earlier this year. I’d say around the 10th. Time got the better of me and I never got ’round to publishing. After much deliberation I thought I’d throw it up. Just in case it still holds weight. Your comments, as ever, are welcome…

The N900 and the Nexus One. My two main phones at the moment. Both brilliant in their own right. The former still proving the model of awesome content consumption while the latter still manages to surprise with the quality of its creative skills.

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