A Brand New Home

This place is brand spanking new and, thanks to the awesome folk at Pepsmedia, the site is all lovely and lush look… 🙂

The plan is to pull together every single piece of content I’ve ever created into one place, so it’s easy to manage, easy to find and most of all easy to consume!

Fingers crossed…

Oh – and if you’ve found your way here on your own – please don’t tell anyone what you see, this is all work in progress until I’m ready to share.

Much love.


EDIT – Ok, as of 23/07/08 I’ve started telling folk…
So not really a secret anymore.

Still updating content mind. More to come soon… YAY!


Hello folks,

New readers and old.
The blogging has begun (somewhat in earnest) again.
Today is Monday.
The time is 13:26.

I’ve had a weekend busy doing nothing.

Back to work today and I’m looking around thinking:
“I really want to be in bed…”

But never mind – gotta work, gotta pay those bills.. not forgetting the fact that I love my job of course.. Heeh – makes getting up in the mornings oh so much easier.

Made this thing the other day – check it out – anyone who’s followed this blog from the beginning will remember that it started out as a ‘detox diary’ – well, I’ve taken some of the best bits of that blog and compressed them down into my own mini-blog for consumption on your mobile phone!

ANYONE interested in trying this out for me (anyone folks – this should work on whatever phone you have in whatever country) should direct their handset’s WAP browser to:


The thing’s called ’10 Days in Thailand’ – I’ve put it on mine and it doesn’t look too bad.
All feedback welcome folks!

In the meantime – take it easy.
Blogging to improve on the whole very soon.

It’s good to be back.