So Tired

So I’ve just spent the best part of two hours catching up on emails and stuff..

I’m knackered – had an interview at my agency today – that went well

Refresh Mobile tomorrow..

We’ll see how it goes..


Just here to post some pics really..

Hopefully they wont be TOO big..

This is Bophut – where I spent my last night in Koh Samui..

Here’s me and a Ladyboy..

Yes. That is a Man.

So’s the one on the left.

Yeah – thats all I can be arsed to post..

I’m shattered..


More to come sooon..

Oh.. ok – one more..

Me. In a small room. At work.



Catching up

Cor blimey!

Its been so hectic since I got home – work is mental and anyone who’s anyone is trying to catch me for some catch up drinking and suchlike!

Oh gawd!

So today is Wednesday – I’ve gotta work my socks off up until Friday then the weekend will be here.. dunno what I’ll do with it mind – check my bank balance today – OUCH. A fair amount of stuff from Thailand hit today.

Damn. Basically.

So sod it – I’m gonna have to knuckle down and get the overtime in so I can afford to LIVE next month – Jeez.. Plus Im gonna need a spare bit of spendin money if I’m gonna have any chance of a decent summer..

I am actually considering a second job..

Yeah. I know!

Shockin huh? I gotta do something..

Hmm – maybe escorting?! Hahahahaahahahahahaha…

So yeah – been invited out in Staines tonight with Martin and Ash, tomorrow night I’m seeing my friend Nats, Friday… well Friday is Friday. Saturday I was gonna go back to Canvey and see family and friends.. but now I’ve been invited to a party in Brixton that I REALLY wanna go to.. oh its a tough life.. Maybe I could goto Canvey Friday night and then come home Saturday and go to the party then.. now THAT is an idea.. :o)

Anyway – im rambling..

I need to go to work. Its 720 and my train is in 15mins.

Laters all.

Bored at work

So yeah..

I’m BORED with a capital ‘B’.

I’m dreaming of Thailand.

Work doesnt really seem important anymore. Its kind of wasting away into the ether. In the greater scheme of things, work really doesnt matter at all.

I’ve got SO much to do this week and its just not happening for me really.. cant bring myself to care about it y’know?

Its difficult.

I think I’m gonna start looking for another job. Something that I dont have to commit so much time to mentally y’know? Something that doesnt put so many demands on my time and my effort. I know work keeps the brain ticking over and stuff but there are plenty of other things I could be doing right now instead of this. I’m not enjoying the pressure. I want to walk away from it.

I’m only realising this as I’m typing it… Jeez. Thailand’s really changed me. Wow.

Watch this space I guess. I need to sit down and work things out tonight. Sort out what I’m going to do with my life and stuff. Heavy man.

I think a TEFL will be the way forward. I need to sort myself out money wise.. a second job might not be a bad idea. Just for the summer. Get some cash behind me.. Then I can think about buggering off somewhere else.

Hmm.. *ponders*

… … …

In other news – I got my Gurpa back! Well.. I havent got it back yet – but I will have! I didnt have time to pick it up when I landed at Heathrow the other day so I just left it.. Then yesterday I called them to see what the score was and they didnt have it.. GREAT I thought.. and THEN they called me back today to say they’d found it and they’d put it in the post for me asap. Brilliant! I cant take it on the plane but they’ll send it through the post! Hahahah..


So yeah – thats me updating my blog.

One more thing – I ate some chocolate today.

Only three tiny pieces. But now I have guilt..

(it did taste good though – YUMMO!)

Speak soon folks..