Read my Palm: A Random Encounter

Greetings from Wyoming!

I’m currently on part two of the five part Lucozade Energy Challenge social media gig and as you might’ve guessed from my last post, I’m having an awesome time.

On the way here I had to fly via Chicago; an amazing city (from what I saw of it coming into land) and one that I wish I could’ve stayed longer in. Not least because as soon as I touched down no less than three different mobile geeks were in touch to let me know about the Mobile Camp that was happening just down town from Chicago International, and I was invited! Unfortunately I only had an hour between my connections though so alas, it was never meant to be

Sad times. However, on the flight itself I happened to find myself say next to a guy called Grant Rostad, a young American chap who was on his way back home after a two month internship working in the UK. He also has a part-time job as a sales rep in a particular mobile store.

The conversation started when Grant spotted me handling my N97 and asks: “Hey, is that the N97? Would you mind if I had a play with it? I’ve heard great things…”

Palmistry, it kinda sucks
Palmistry, it kinda sucks

I hand it over, of course – exchanging pleasantries and mobile geekeries in doing so – and then go on to extol the virtues of the N86, my new favourite handset. It’s at this point when Grant reaches into his bag and pulls out the two bad boys pictured to the right over here…

Recognise them? I know Ben Smith does.

The red one is a Palm Centro and the black, a Palm Treo Pro – Grant tells me “Treo means ‘it sucks’…”

He’s not wrong. Anyway, we’re close to landing and I decide I should capture some of our conversation (below) for posterity and of course, for The Really Mobile Project Hope you like it and of course, as always – your comments are welcome 🙂

UPDATE: For those that want to know, the interview was recorded using the native voice recorder on my N97.


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