1000heads: a big thank you

1000heads wins!

Best Viral Campaign for Nokia / Tron: Legacy at the Social Media Communications Awards!

Just over a year ago, the 1000heads Nokia account team were gearing up for one of the biggest/most intense workloads of our collective history as we headed towards the 24hr Nokia / Tron: Legacy takeover.

Here, in October 2011, it is still look upon as one of the best pieces of activity we have ever worked on and – for our client – it is continually held up and referred to as their best Facebook campaign, ever.

To put it lightly, we’re chuffed to bits!

A few thank yous:

  1. To the SoMeComms judging panel for recognising our fantastic work.
  2. To our partners at Disney and Propaganda, without whom none of this would’ve happened.
  3. To the ‘heads who worked tirelessly (through the night on some occasions!) to make sure that this activity came together perfectly.
  4. Last, but by no means least, to our awesome client(s) who continually challenge us and brief us into being able to dream, create and ultimately perform best in class and industry-defining work in the social media space.

Thank you, all of you.

Right, let’s get that champagne…

Awards are great, we love them, but what we love more is delivering great work for inspiring clients.

If you’re looking for a career change and want to work with some of the best and smartest people in the industry, then get in touch.

We’re waiting for your call.



1000heads: The Nokia Gift Machine

It’s Social Media Week this week and all across the globe, a multitude of key cities are gathering together to learn and discuss about the impact of social media on modern society today.

As part of our work with Nokia, global partner for Social Media Week, we’ve got teams all over the world helping with all kinds of different activations, similar to the work that we accomplished back in February.

At Social Media Week Glasgow however, we’re doing things a little differently.

Introducing The Nokia Gift Machine

Collection time!

Our brief was simple: how do you make the simple things you see around you, just that little bit more special?
Our response? We decided to create one of the world’s first Foursquare-enabled vending machines.

Unlike most machinery, the instruction manual is quite simple:

  1. Open Foursquare on your phone
  2. Find the Nokia Gift Machine @ SMW
  3. Check-in using the #NokiaConnects hashtag
  4. Share to Twitter
  5. Collect your prize

As demo’d below  –

Anyone following on Twitter last week would’ve spotted this teaser we put out when we first went to test the machine above, I’m fairly sure no one managed to guess what the image was going to be!

If you’re at Social Media Week Glasgow this week, make sure you get yourself along to the Sky Park on Elliot Place and give it a go!

PS. It doesn’t just hold candy y’know


Full press release

Other Vending Machine images



1000heads: Co-creation. Mobile Web. Social Media.

Three different subjects, all intrinsically linked in a multitude of ways. However, today I wanted to share with you three slideshare presentations covering off each of these subjects in various forms.

If you’re a grade one newbie or a seasoned master in any of the above areas, these slides will be of use to you.

First up, co-creation.

This presentation, from the smart chaps at the Board of Innovation, came my way via Google Plus just over a week ago and it’s taken me that long to truly process all of the data available. It not only introduces the concept of co-creation, but also talks through the guiding principles and then goes onto benchmark TWENTY different examples.

Really, really interesting reading for anyone with even a passing interesting in Co-Creation.

How to kickstart your co-creation platform – 20 examples

Next up: the Mobile Web. Or, in this case, Selling the Mobile Web.

Hat tip to @CarlMartin for bringing these slides to my attention; this presentation speaks to me for a whole number of reasons. First and foremost, I have mobile in my soul and so therefore anything and everything that helps move the handheld revolution forward is alright in my book.

Second, this presentation is about the mobile WEB. Often forgotten in the today’s world of quick-win ‘let’s make an app’ marketing, the mobile web has been playing second fiddle to mobile applications for some time. If I’m honest, the two should easily be able to co-exist comfortably together. However, that is not always the case

This presentation has great ideas, theories and strategies for attacking your own mobile website. Definitely worth a look.

Selling The Mobile Web

Finally, and here’s the biggie, Social Media around the world, 2011.

The big take out from this monster, all 167 slides of it?


A truly astounding number. Admittedly, the research was conducted with ‘just’ 9000+ people so it obviously isn’t a complete look at the social networked world we live, however if you’re hungry for the latest stats and figures, this isn’t a bad place to start.

What are you waiting for?

Social media around the world 2011

1000heads: 3CT #3

In keeping with our series of posts, here are the three coolest things we presented at #3CT recently –
[post history]

First up, our resident Kiwi and HR person, Lucy Armstrong, wanted to share this awesome piece of Rugby World Cup inspired Lego-based wonderment –

When we asked ‘Why is this cool?’ to the rest of the office, the simple answer was ‘BECAUSE IT IS LEGO!’
However, one thing that did come out of this was the amount of time and effort that goes into some of these cool things. The above stop-motion video leads quite nicely into another high-effort delivery, aka: cool thing number two

Regular readers will know that we like our big Follow Fridays here at 1000heads and last Friday was no exception. The Nokia community team were in the office helping to create the above #FF message out of post-it notes. @My_E72 was over the moon with our message and well, we thought it was pretty damn cool too.

Our third and final cool thing came from one Joel Diamond. Joel had managed to locate what is being labelled as an ‘Audio-Haptic Navigation Environment.’

Not sure what we mean? Take a look –

Using a specially-designed glove, alongside a slightly tweaked version of the Xbox Kinect sensor, the SOPI research group created the above experiment.

I wonder how long it’ll be until we see gigs performed in this way?

Let’s start bets at three months…

1000heads: shortlisted

Following up on our recent shortlist success with N8Producers (awards announced later this week!), 1000heads are proud to announce a further five shortlist placements for two separate pieces of work.

First up, Behind the E7

In February of 2011, Nokia was launching its flagship enterprise phone: the Nokia E7. With more and more of their devices being well-reviewed for their industrial design, Nokia wanted to give a ‘behind the scenes’ demonstration video that not only highlighted the product itself, but also gave an insight into the design philosophy that exists within the very DNA of the company…

Hitting over 100,000 organic views in the first 24hrs was a huge success for both us and the client. Combining that with the top secret competition hidden in the video (did you spot it?) meant that overall, this is one of our best video creations to date.

Thanks to these results, Behind the E7 has been shortlisted for the following two awards –

Best use of Online Video at the Digital Impact Awards
Best use of YouTube at the Social Media Communications Awards

Second, Nokia / Tron: Legacy

At the end of 2010, Nokia partnered with Disney for the launch of the film Tron: Legacy. With the majority of the plot set ‘online’, it made perfect sense to compliment this with a social media campaign reflecting and building upon those elements. As the world’s leading word of mouth marketing agency, 1000heads were perfectly placed to deliver against this brief…

To date, this is Nokia’s most successful Facebook campaign, ever.

With that in mind, it’s great to see the above work has now been shortlisted for the following three awards –

Best use of Existing Social Media Channels at the Digital Impact Awards
Best Viral Campaign AND Best Social Media Campaign at the Social Media Communications Awards

Congratulations to all team members, both client side and agency side. Being shortlisted like this is fantastic recognition for all your hard work.

Roll on awards evening!

1000heads: Social Media in Turkey

A couple of weeks ago now, one of Turkey’s leading social media sites, SosyalMedya.co, reached out to 1000heads for some opinion and insight about the amazing growth the area has seen over the past year.

The full item can be read [in Turkish!] on their site, however, Fulya Çimen, content strategist at SosyalMedya.co has kindly allowed us to print the full interview, in English, right here.

Why? Because the Istanbul social media scene is exploding and as an industry we should be sitting up and paying attention. The Turks are coming!

Enjoy —–



At sosyalmedya.co, one of the leading websites / digital platforms about social media in Turkey, we are covering a story about social media in Europe and the image of Turkish social media as well as that of Turkish digital agencies. Our main point of this interview is to acquire a foreign insight into these areas – to that point:

Can you define social media in one sentence, with your own words?

For me, social media is (any kind of) content that can be and/or is shared. It is not limited to digital either; you and I gathered around a YouTube video playing on my MacBook is also social media.

Can you define the impact of social media in one sentence, with your own words?

It is almost indefinable! The impact of social media over the past decade has been world changing on a level that we will only really be able to measure when we’re far enough away from it to measure. In the same way that the industrial revolution transformed farming and agriculture globally, the social media revolution is uniting people across the world in ways that we simply cannot measure yet.

Leaving out your own projects, can you tell us about a piece of social media work that you like most?

Here in London, we’ve just witnessed some of the worst riot scenes in living history. The damage is horrific and the impact on the lives of the community is abhorrent. However, through social media, that very same community has pulled together under the Twitter hashtag of #riotcleanup and, even as I type, people from all over London are forming together to help clean up the mess that the rioters have left behind. That is one of the most recent – and best – social media projects I can think of, full stop.

Internet is global. But when it comes to digital projects, do you believe in the importance of localizing as it is in traditional advertising and marketing?

Yes. Massively. I was recently in the Lebanon and the localization work that Nokia has done across the entire Levant region is truly admirable. We’re talking about a brand that is going through some huge changes and yet they still manage to maintain a foothold in these areas thanks to that fantastic localization.

Do you have any opinion or insight about Turkish customers on digital?
The only insights I have I’ve gained recently through the INNLondon project. Designed as a “cultural embassy existing both physically and digitally” its current city inspiration is Istanbul and the numbers and figures I’ve seen coming out are astronomical.

For example, in a similar trend to the rest of the world, the last decade has seen a 1000% increase of Internet users with nearly half of the Turkish population now an Internet user of some kind. This stat alone demonstrates astonishing growth and is something that should be both highlighted and applauded.

If you have an idea or guess about Turkish audience on Internet; as a social media professional, what would be the most effective platform/area in social media for reaching the Turkish audience in social media in your opinion?

Facebook is obviously the easiest response to this question, although I would have to research the numbers to get any real figures. My only prediction in this area would be around an increase in both the use (and access of) the mobile Internet and of course, Twitter. However, comScore reports Turkey as being ranked in the top ten countries for Google Plus adoption and so I would also be interested to see what impact that has on day-to-day social media life, if any.

What do you think about Turkish social media? What is your opinion about Turkish marketing and advertising industry approaches to social media?

Here in London, Turkey (and in the main, Istanbul) is constantly being referred to as a ‘new digital hub’, where the territory is fertile and the climate is right for growth. My knowledge of the local space is not huge, however the impact of the work that’s being done there is echoing across the globe.

1000heads: You down with NFC?

Yeah you know me!

If you’ve been following @1000heads on Twitter, you might know that we’ve been tinkering around with NFC of late, and for good reason.

Last week, as part of our activity for Nokia’s Symbian Belle launch, we arranged a special ‘48hrs in Hong Kong‘ for a very lucky group of six select bloggers.

Aside from running the very latest update of Nokia’s Symbian software – aka ‘Symbian Belle’ – these new Belle devices all come with Near Field Communications (NFC) baked-in. Which means, you simply tap – and go.

Working with the smart guys over at NFC-Hub we produced special NFC-enabled posters, similar to the below –

NFC Hub @ 1000heads

– that were placed up at different locations around Hong Kong. Delivering against Nokia’s release message of ‘Try Something New’, #NokiaTSN, we thought we’d set a two day course of exactly that, with our guests trying their hands at all things news. For example, riding the Crystal Cable Car or simply taking in a Tai Chi lesson in the park.

The best part being that once the on-site posters were tapped –

– the entrants would automatically check-in on Facebook and/or Foursquare (depending on the poster used) which in turn would produce results like this:

Much fun was had indeed.

With NFC becoming more and more prevalent [see Museum integration as well as Dennis Publishing getting in on the act], expect more NFC-based shenanigans from us very soon and, if you find yourself in the 1000heads offices at any point in the future, why not tap us up?