Five things on Friday #293

Things of note for the week ending Friday April 19th, 2019.

Newsletter #292: Introduction

It’s Good Friday. A Bank Holiday. Day one of the four day Easter weekend. I nearly didn’t write this week’s edition. ‘It’s a Bank Holiday, Whatters’, I said to myself ‘take the day off!’ – I normally do. As in, FToF normally skips Easter.

I considered it for a short while but then I checked the #5things tag in my inbox and it turns out I have just enough to pull an edition together so, given I have the content and the time, I figured why the hell not?

That said, in light of the restful nature of the day (and weekend trajectory) that I am writing to you, this week’s edition will attempt to be a tad restrained. Respectful both of your time and mine.

I’m also going to dick around with some of the templating in this week’s edition. A lovely reader highlighted that the weblink to the email isn’t very mobile friendly and I think it’s a fleshy end-user issue than that of Mailchimp. So I’m gonna try and fix that this week.

To the regulars, do please let me know if things look a bit… funky.
Newbies (all 25 of you this week) don’t worry, it’s normally better than this.

Sidenote: quite enjoying the fact that we’re 290+ issues in and NOW I decide I might want to make the thing look nicer. Hilare.

What else can I tell you?

This week has flown by, I know that much. A fair chunk of work. Some resourcing. A bit of Graham Norton. Some mentoring. All in all, a packed out week. It’s funny how four day weeks seem to be a shorter amount of time.

I’ve eaten a choc ice and I really shouldn’t have done. Damn.

Shall we crack on?



I’m fairly certain these 26 ways to figure this out are written by Alain De Botton (happy to be wrong, mind). The first one reads:

1. You realise that most of the bad behaviour of other people really comes down to fear and anxiety – rather than, as it is generally easier to presume, nastiness or idiocy. You loosen your hold on self-righteousness and stop thinking of the world as populated by either monsters or fools. It makes things less black and white at first, but in time, a great deal more interesting.

If that hooks you in then go and read the others. I enjoyed it.

Something to read and reflect on. Breathing. That helps too (in an entirely meaningful and not at all sarcastic way – for real – breathing. Deep breaths. Calm. In for five out for ten. That kind of stuff. Do that. And also read the 26 things).

This is one of the best links in this week’s edition, btw.


Ten days ago you couldn’t move on the internet for hot-takes about THE HUGE MASSIVE NEWS of LUSH announcing it was LEAVING social media!

I mean, honestly:

First thing, look at the original tweet. Look at it. The gif literally says WE’RE SWITCHING UP SOCIAL. Not off. Up.

‘Right, makes sense – for Lush at least’ – I thought. Then I promptly forgot about it. Until about four days later the following week when my boss (Hi Dani) asked for a POV on it and I ended pulling on the noodle that I’d discarded to a corner in my brain which subsequently turned from a ‘Sure, I’ve got one – when do you want it’ to ‘Here’s the whole darn thing in an email – actually this is alright, should I write it up properly and pitch it?’

And so we did.

Now you can go and read the article linked above (it’s on The Drum so if you’re not signed up to its free wall, that might annoy you) the two key things to take out are this:

1. Take note of what Lush is actually going to do next.
Everyone went nuts when it got announced. NUTS. The subsequent (and if you ask me entirely obvious) announcement that followed sailed completely under the radar. What’s that? You missed it did you? Funny that. Lush is still making content. It’s just asking its stores and its staff (and its community) to share it instead. Big woop. Basically, the exact same strategy – just using different/more human signposts instead.

2. Lush is bloody good at PR.
A tiny policy change? Tens of thousands of words and headlines. Phenomenal.

While it is a touch self-serving, I genuinely would love you to read the thing that I wrote. I remember thinking at the time ‘Surely this is obvious what’s going to happen next, right?’ and it was.

The ‘clue’ was in the gif.

I don’t know why more people didn’t call it.


I quite liked this video review (from The Verge).

Must’ve been shot before they all started breaking. Aye carumba.

I reckon Huawei will be testing the living hell out of its foldable entry now


This is great.

My friend Kibbe has a playlist that she updates quasi-weekly-ish.

It’s called DISKOAVER WEEKLY (nice) and a) I think Kibbe is awesome, b) Kibbe has great taste in music, and c) you should add it your Spotify/sub to her newsletter update that goes with it.

Fun fact: Kibbe HATES EMAIL. We had a fair old back and forth this week on whether or not the playlist should be a newsletter and I think… I HOPE… that where Kibbe bottomed out on it works out. There’s only one way to find out…. AMIRITE?

Go get the playlist and go get that newsletter.


This newsletter started out as a blog post series (true story). At some point in history, I added a ‘Publish to Mailchimp’ plug into my WordPress and then I had a newsletter. At some point after that the newsletter became more popular than the blog itself.

So much more popular in fact that at the start of the year I stopped updating the blog entirely and left a ‘Hey, come subscribe to the newsletter’ note there instead (go see)

In short: I don’t update the website anymore. And as such, I’ve not been updating plug-ins, or databases or whatever. And this week it seemed to be under attack. Random admins appearing in my back end, so to speak. It was not fun.

My guy. My man. The boss of all back-end ops that not runs the hosting but also set this whole thing up originally, Mr Nicholas Butler – aka @loudmouthman – has been phenomenal throughout. Fixing (or killing) anything that looked like a backdoor and basically being an awesome human.

Thanks Nik.

If you, dear reader, are looking for someone to help out on ANYTHING web/hosting/backend/security… or literally everything else I literally know nothing about then hit Nik up. Or reply to this email and I’ll connect you.


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