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I’ve been writing here, on and off, since May 2006. A long time. These days however the time I would normally spend writing here is now spent writing for my newsletter project, Five things on Friday.

What started out as a weekly exercise in writing has grown and matured into a weekly publication that features most of what I’m passionate about all in one place.

So, if you’re looking for the very latest thinking/reading from me, your best bet is to start looking over the past issues of Five things on Friday – all being well, that stuff will be bang up to date*.

If you like what you see there and want to read more, then do please SUBSCRIBE. While the content from there will eventually make it onto, there will always be a delay (and you get more in the newsletter anyway – intros from me, gifs, extra analysis, and chat etc).

So yes, thanks for visiting. If you’re looking to speak to me quickly, then you can nearly always reach me on Twitter (DMs are open).

If not, then maybe I’ll see you on subscriber list of the newsletter sometime.




*The posts below this one are examples of FToF but I doubt very much that they’ll be reflective of the latest work. 

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