Many things on Monday (FToF 199)

Things of note for the week ending beginning Monday October 24th, 2016.


Next  Later this week will mark the 200th edition of this here ongoing newsletter/blogpost/update thing. I’ve been considering a rebrand – a new name, look and feel, maybe even an update to the day that this thing arrives (SHOCK, FRIDAY?!) but I’m still undecided.

Opinions, please, dear reader.

On with the things!


Look at this gif.


Some cray mo fo jumping and falling 129ft straight down into a marina.

Like, what?

If you want to feel really sick, you can watch the full 2min video in 1080p and at 60fps over on YouTube.

Dare you to full screen it.






Click the image.

Watch the video.

Thank me later.






5 inch 128GB. Couldn’t find the wodge (or the reason) for the £820 one. And that’s even after selling my Z5. So far, so excellent. Enjoying assistant (although there are a few Google Apps quirks that Google Apps users will know about) and the phone is generally gorgeous – to both use and look at.

I’m sharing occasional words and photos using the #madebygoogle hashtag – I also said a lot about my decision to purchase this phone the way I have on last week’s episode of The Voicemail podcast. Had some great feedback about that episode too so, y’know, if you haven’t listened before. Why not try now?

Any questions about the Pixel? Questions in the usual way please.






In the endless battle for VIDEO to be EVERYWHERE (not kidding) the bigger players like to have the odd dig at each other. This latest jibe comes from the tube of red and is aimed squarely at the book of faces.

Peter Cory, Google’s agency leader, picked holes in Facebook’s video advertising product, namely its autoplay feature that often substitutes sound for captions.

Sound, he claims, has a huge impact on advertising. It is a view shared by Snapchat’s Imran Khan, who last month went as far as to claim that muted video advertising is nothing more than “moving banners”. Both YouTube and Snapchat’s product offerings pivot around sound, so it is in their best interest to trumpet its worth.

Cory went on to claim that YouTube’s audience “continues to watch not scroll”, referencing how a user often stumbles upon video in Newsfeed, where on YouTube they have an average session time of 40 minutes.

Using an LG campaign that ran in September as an example, Cory showed that while Facebook wins in views; the campaign accumulating 7m views while YouTube has 5.2m; YouTube tops time spent with 72K hours of watch time versus Facebook’s 12K.

Via (and more over at) The Drum.

You should read more on the link above, there are some good numbers there. I was in a talk recently that demonstrated just how good YouTube can be at building brand awareness (given Facebook’s recent video numbers scandal – this couldn’t be more perfectly timed) and one particular slide stood out:


Yeah. Makes ya think, right? Views (when using Facebook’s shonky metrics at least) aren’t everything…





This is excellent.


Use the old favourite button – aka: the ‘heart’ button – to trigger this.

Super simple.

Super effective.

Well done.




Bonuses this week are as follows:

  • Radical Candour. A very good read that starts off how you think and then works through a number of different ways of inspiring sharing and a culture of trust when it comes to making mistakes in the workplace; ‘Your Go To Question’ is a stand out for me.
  • What to Wear to get Laid made me chuckle this week.
  • Oh, and how’s this: on Saturday morning I tried to cancel one of the lines on my Vodafone contract via ‘live chat’. Have a guess how long it took me.




Finally, a Monday edition is pretty darn late isn’t it?

Well, it’s here now and we can all breathe.


Me? I’m going to go back to my gastroenteritis.

(same gif).



Whatley Out.


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