Seven things on Sunday (FtoF #174)

And you thought I’d forgotten.

Things of note for the week ending Friday April 29th Sunday May 1st, 2016.

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And you thought I’d forgotten…

As if I could?

It has been [yet another] crazy busy week at work and (add to that a hugely overwhelming bunch of amazing plans this weekend), surprise surprise, that has had a knock-on effect on the timeliness of this here publication.

I would apologise however I’m fairly sure I said from the outset that even though the thing is called Five things on Friday, it doesn’t actually mean that it goes out on a Friday. That’s just the intention. And there’s actual small print too that warns that sometimes life gets in the way, I might forget, or y’know what – I just fancy writing it a bit later than usual.

All that being said, by way of recompense, please find below for your delectation a bumper edition of FtoF – something that I have called (as the observant amongst you perhaps may have already spotted): ‘Seven things on Sunday’.

Hurrah and hurrah again.

PS. It’s a good edition this week so don’t be one of those awful people who unsubscribe just because it didn’t arrive on a Friday.

That would be silly.

And mean.

And nobody likes mean people. Right?

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OK, where were we?

That’s right…


/// /// /// /// /// /// ///


File this one under ‘N’ for ‘Not sure if want’.

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So apparently – THIS WEEKEND – new Dangermouse is hitting Netflix screens.


(Here’s an original episode, for reference)

Have you watched it yet?

Is it awful?

Let me know…



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Here are some facts about Holly Brockwell:

  • Fact one: Holly and I have never met.
  • Fact two: Holly has written easily some of the best things on the Internet over the past five years (#AppleEvent is still a fave – but there have been a whole bunch of others too – go read).
  • Fact three: the unbelievable amount of God-awful abuse this woman has to put up with EVERY DAY is unbelievable. It is a testament to her resilience that Holly is still online at all.
  • Fact four: Last year, Holly was voted/awarded ‘Woman of the Year’ by The Drum/SheSays.
  • Fact five: from what I can tell – Holly does not take shit from any one.
  • Fact six: Holly is the Editor at Gadgette (the tech site for people who (amongst other things) find that ‘Oh, it comes in pink’ is a really poor way of marketing to women – y’know, so you, reading this, for example) and it is a fantastic online publication that you should all check out.
  • Fact seven: I first wrote about Holly’s writing on FtoF last year (see aforementioned #AppleEvent link) but, having dug into things a bit more (we’ll come to that) it turns out I’ve been reading about the awesome she spreads in the world since at least 2013. That’s pretty cool.

If any of the above facts (it was five, I bumped it to seven because Sundays #YOLO) make you want to find out more, then you must must must read this fantastic (and brilliantly sarcastic) interview of the super smart Holly Brockwell, as conducted by one Trevor Beattie.



Here’s an interesting read:

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 00.40.25

I really enjoyed this piece, by one Jess Greenwood, which posits that while ‘token women’ is the current way to point out and/or highlight too many dudes (yes, of course there’s a Tumblr) it’s also perhaps refreshing that – if we work hard enough – this could be the last generation of token women that we ever see.

Go read it – there’s a manifesto and everything.


My friend Angus (and his friend Johnny) put some ads out this week. Nothing new. They both work in advertising (Ogilvy, to be clear) and so, as an agency, we’re supposed to put ads out, right?

Well, I ran into Angus in the corridor last week and he mentioned ‘The Aardman stuff we’ve been working on is finally going live!’ and it has, and it’s brilliant.

The first one ‘Monster Stains’ is below – the image links to the video – tap that now.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 09.24.28

Tapped it? Clicked it? Watched it? Charming as hell, right?

Here’s the boring ad press release part:

‘To demonstrate Persil’s stain removal power, Ogilvy came up with the innovative idea of creating a stop-frame animation using school shirts as the canvas and tough stains as the paint. Aardman was chosen as the ideal partner for its best-in-class animation techniques. They created a unique colour palette using 28 common household stains, including everything from gravy and jam to grass and chocolate ice cream.’


Anyway, there are more and you can view them over here.

/// //// //


Not the first time I’ve chatted about X-Men (and probably not the last). The third part of the First Class trilogy is out soon – aka ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and, if you’ve seen the trailer, you probably already know that it looks suitably massive and amazing etc.

But that’s not why it’s here this week.

XMA is here this week because of the below AWESOME POSTER(S) as designed by Needle Design (and spotted on ze Twitters) last week.


Aren’t they gorgeous?!

There are tons more available to view on their Twitter ‘media page‘ and I’m sure if you look hard enough you could probably buy a couple too.

No, not a thing about the questionable fashion choices I made in late 2007 (there is ONE photo and no, I’m not sharing). Instead, a thing about the website known as ‘The Guyliner‘.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 09.34.46

It first came to my attention when I stumbled across this eloquent piece on ‘How to reject an apology‘ (powerful reading – so maybe start with this one). I bookmarked it (no I didn’t) and thought I’d come back to the writing again at some point (I did that) – probably for sharing in FtoF.

And then I started following the author on Twitter…

AND THEN I discovered his weekly roast of the Guardian’s Blind Date column and I am HOOKED (Kat and Nick were my gateway drug, if you were wondering).

So yeah, there’s MORE READING for you.

Go and laugh until your coffee comes out of your nose.

I did.

Small thing: the demise of BHS on the high street will be argued about in the press, the trades, and even in the courts by the looks of things.

But let’s be clear: NOT HAVING A TWITTER STRATEGY was not the reason why it failed.



Bonus items are as follows:

Until next time…

Which will probably be Friday.


Whatley out.




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