Five things on Friday #160

Things of note for week ending Friday 22nd January, 2016.

Things of note for week ending Friday 22nd January, 2016.


Well, that was a CRAZY BUSY WEEK wasn’t it?

It’s 17:48 in a Friday evening and I’ve got approximately 42mins before I’m due in the bar to celebrate my FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY of working for the big O.

Shall we?



Earlier this week, those lovely people at Paramount invited yours truly to a special screening of this quite frankly fantastic film that you should all make time to see.

As the poster above states, THE BIG SHORT is based on a true story (and the film quite neatly points out which bits are completely true and which bits perhaps aren’t – it’s very well done); covering the financial crisis and specifically highlighting a group of people that both a) spotted it coming and then b) betted on it actually happening – it’s an incredible tale. Some parts of which you will hold your head in your hands in complete and utter disbelief.

It is hilarious, heartbreaking, sickening, and ultimately makes you feel good about being left to feel empty and helpless (no, really) and I can’t endorse that you see this film enough.

The four main leads…


-Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale-

…are brilliant but special mentions to Gosling and Carrell for individual brilliance (that you’ll only recognise when you of course, go and see it).

So if you don’t have plans this weekend or next week in fact, go and see THE BIG SHORT.

The part with Margot Robbie made me laugh so loud people looked at me.


This is interesting.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 17.51.35

YouTube links now equate to less than 25% of all video content shared by brands on Facebook.

The above grab is from this article over on eMarketer. Published earlier this month, it points to one of the outputs of ‘The Video Royale’ – a trend that Marshall Manson and I highlighted at this time last year.

In short: at the turn of 2015 we challenged/advised brands, both within our agency network and without, to – in the face of the incoming Video platform wars – be prepared to ’embrace native video publishing’. By that we meant uploading raw video content direct to the platform you’re sharing it on and not simply sharing the link to your YouTube page…

Go and look at the chart above again. Go on, I’ll wait here.


I’m not saying that these numbers are a result of said call to arms however it is quite reassuring to see that this is the way the trend is [predictably] going.



Another thing I found this week was this TIME article talking about the difference between British and American humour. Written by one Mr Ricky Gervais, it is an excellent read.

But the bonus part of the article that really put me in a chipper mood were the accompanying collection of video interviews embedded within..


Go for the writing, stay for the videos.


This is great.


Were you a young gamer in the 90s? Do you remember seeing Patrick Moore rehashed as some batsh*t crazy master of gaming (above)?!

Then you’ll love this: ‘GAMESMASTER: The Inside Story

Containing such AMAZING nuggets as exactly how Mr Moore was paid…

Cynics might assume Moore was only in it for the money, but they’d be wrong. McAllister still remembers the salary negotiation: “Patrick said, ‘Ah, yes. Well, I did something before and they asked me what my fee should be, and I told them, and we drank it.’ That was his approach – a bottle of whisky.” Moore was never on the set of the live show. His sections were filmed separately over a couple of days and then he and the production team would go out to lunch.


It’s a long read but if you ever had a cheeky chuckle at one of Dominik Diamond’s double entendres then it’s 100% worth it.


One of my favourite reads of the week was this wonderful Guardian piece about when and why Transport for London stopped people walking UP escalators.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 18.25.30


If you’re unfamiliar with this ridiculous idea, allow me to enlighten you:

“It’s British lore: on escalators, you stand on the right and walk on the left. So why did the London Underground ask grumpy commuters to stand on both sides? And could it help avert a looming congestion crisis?”

You start reading and you think they’re bonkers but, by the end, you (like me) could very well be convinced…

Cray cray.



Related anecdote:

The tube to work is funny now. I now have to get off at a nothing station. Southwark. I mean. Who gets off at Southwark?! All the Wharf-bounders get grumpy. ‘You used to be one of us’, they stare silently. They all have to move when I’m getting off now and they get proper narky about it

Silly people.

And yet I grin.

Upon departure I look ’em in the eyes and say, with an assertive clarity only matched by its cheerfulness, ‘Excuse me, team!’ – and I giggle.

Starts my day off brilliantly.

Try it!

Bonuses this week are as follows:

Have an awesome weekend y’all!


Whatley out.




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