A Full Day of Music Vol. 3

8hrs and 8mins. 127 tracks. In short: exactly what you’ve been looking for this entire time.

It’s that time again.


Volumes 1 and 2 are merely dreams of yesteryear.

How about we kick off 2016 with a brand new eight hour playlist, perfect for your ears, phone, office, etc… whatever – just a good solid FULL DAY OF MUSIC as curated by yours truly and my dear friend, Sarah Lang.

I asked Sarah how she might describe volume three, this is legit what she sent back:

‘[AFDoM V3 is] a mix that is up to the two equally important tasks of getting you to strut your stuff on the dance floor and getting you through those moments of existential angst. Or something. And also just great to have on while gsd.’

You can perhaps see now why we get on so well…

On Spotify? Go get.

Not on Spotify? Who even are you?

You go and enjoy A Full Day of Music Vol. 3 and Sarah and I will crack on with Vol. 4. See you back here again in a few months, yeah?



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Author: James Whatley

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4 thoughts on “A Full Day of Music Vol. 3”

  1. Who even am I? Someone who greatly appreciates the Songza integration in Google Play Music All Access (despite the horrendous name).

    I took the liberty of re-creating this playlist on GPMAA, you can pull it up here:


    Note: it’s missing a *few* songs, listed here:

    – Cut Copy – Need You Now
    – The Bros. Landreth – How Deep Is Your Love
    – Flume – Skin LP Preview

    James Whatley Reply:

    That’s awesome, nice one! How long did that take?!

    Ricky Cadden Reply:

    ~an hour, maybe? I’d be glad to do it for the next one if you can get me the list a day or two ahead of publish.

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