Five things on Friday #135

Things of note for the week ending Friday July 31st, 2015.

Things of note for the week ending Friday July 31st, 2015.



‘The very best of London with the very best of company. Tribe is an effortless way to date for those who are independent, unattached, and living in London.’


Set up by a dear friend of mine, Emma Forsyth, Tribe is a brand new take on dating that tailors relaxed, exclusive dates for two different groups of three friends.

Whether it’s taking over a kitchen at the latest pop up, boozy games of Pétanque, private sushi-making classes or exclusive late night whisky tastings; Tribe brings you a selection of the very best London venues each and every month.

I’m biased – of course – but honestly, if you’re single and in London; if you’re sick and tired of the casual swiping of Happen or Tinder; if you find yourself yearning for a different class of dating… then maybe Tribe is for.

Check it.

From classic literature to vintage radio, and perhaps everything Monty Python in between, this list of of ‘Awesome things to do listen to on Spotify that isn’t music‘ was a great little find this week.

Fancy learning a new language? Spotify’s got you covered.


Related: this is pretty interesting too.

More Warren Ellis stuff (I’m a fan – so what?). This time around it’s taken from a post from his favourite blog of mine: Morning Computer.

Ellis, on writing –

A lot of this job is about learning how the inside of your own head works. You spend a lot of time alone, in small rooms, eyes closed or staring at the ceiling, poking around at the machinery and peering into all the nooks and crannies. Finding out how all the machines turn, and realising how little you really know about those machines. Picking through the litter of the culture that blows in through your ears and eyes and arranging it by date and colour and sound.


Related: I really liked this too. 

This is cute. And by ‘cute’ I mean ‘awesome because it applies a metric ton of anonymised data just so it can really quite useful for users’.

Google Now will now till you when your favourite coffee place will be busy. Hurrah!

Like this –


As The Next Web so eloquently puts it:

Google Search understands that you hate people. So, in a blog post today, the company announced that it will now show you the busiest times of the week at millions of places on Google Search. Simply type in the name and location of the place you want to go, and Google will show you peak times at these places throughout the week.

As mentioned, I like the way that Google is applying the data it secretly learns about you (because it’s basically Skynet) has collected for the good of all mankind.

How does it know? Well, you do know about the whole location history thing, right?

Think about it.

If you missed the furore earlier this week about the [since deleted] GLAMOUR article citing ’13 little things that can make a man fall hard for you’ – worry not! VICE has taken the initiative and not only re-published the thing in full but also deciphered the madness-inducing drivel into fully-fledged and totally legit life advice.



Told you.


Go read.


Bonuses this week are blog posts by me (yes, and?)


Finally – thank you to all of you that shared last week’s Five Things on Friday.

You’re all lovely.

If you didn’t well, fine…

Whatever you do DON’T CLICK THIS.

Whatley out.


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