Five things on Friday #126

Things of note for the week ending Friday May 29th, 2015.

Things of note for the week ending Friday May 29th, 2015.

the things, look at the things

It’s late but this is really too cute to not share.


It’s a Mashable link but I don’t care. If you’ve got a wonky goldfish you should a) do this immediately then b) maybe consider feeding it less protein.

Seriously though, do you really use Firefox? I mean, I actually saw someone using Safari the other day (weirdo) – why you aren’t all using Chrome I don’t know. But whatever.

If you’re one of the five oddballs who read this blog and you use Firefox, then this little thing called ‘tracking protection‘ might help you load stuff infinitely faster. By infinite, I mean ‘44%’ but you get the point.

Submitted without comment.

It’s been several weeks since SXSW interactive and, to be honest, I finished my ‘SXSW Report’ stuff ages ago. But I realised last week we hadn’t actually published it publicly. Oops.

So yeah, here it is (if you find it useful – yay! If not, well, bums).

It’s the new album from Brandon Flowers and I really like it.

That is all.


Bonuses* this week are as follows:

  • Google I/O happened this week. Not sure what that is? Well imagine a big cake. This cake isn’t just any cake mind. This cake is from the future. With its myriad layers and its reflective icing, this cake grants you the power to see all things that are coming from a tiny little start up named Google. Thing is, this cake is quite big and if you ate it all in one go you’d feel bloated and fat and, well, that’s not very nice at all. What you want to do is create one perfect slice. A slice that’s thin enough to consume in one sitting, but deep enough to touch all magical layers. A slice of cake that is like the highlight of all cakes. If you managed this, it’d be like you HACKED CAKE. Or like you’d read this article of the most important things at Google I/O.  You decide. Oh, and if that’s not good enough, Stefan and I will be covering all of the Google I/O goodness on this weekend’s edition of The Voicemail.
  • Get In The Sea is still yet to get old.
  • The Verge reviewed the old Google+ Photos app thinking it was the new one. It’s a bit mean to poke fun but hey, if all your writers use iPhones, how do you expect them to know the difference between two MASSIVELY DIFFERENT Android apps?
  • Did you hear? Daredevil should be called Batman.

*By the way, does anyone ever enjoy the bonuses? I mean, I throw them in there because they’re kinda left in my inbox staring at me and I figure you crazy kids might enjoy them.

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