Five things on Friday #110

Things of note for the week ending Friday February 6th, 2015.

Things of note for the week ending Friday February 6th, 2015.


This should’ve gone in last week.


Put together by the smart team over at Glass Eye, Rescore.TV is a frivolous website that let’s you mix the latest film trailers with various (and ridiculous) soundtracks.

“Every now and then we pitch an idea we like so much, we agree that if a client doesn’t buy it we’ll just go ahead and do it anyway. Typically this turns out to be hyperbole, not least because we’re not in the business of, well, not doing business. Until now.”

– – – –

“So have a play. We’ve included a few favourites: you haven’t lived until you’ve heard KINGSMAN rescored with Dolly Parton, and FURIOUS 7 with Beastie Boys, oh and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON with Thin Lizzy. Be sure to tell us if you find any killer combos of your own.”

Kingsman with Dolly really is hilarious.

Go play (works best on desktop).

A short and informative piece from the BBC on the Finnish start-ups rising from the ashes of the former global technological giant. Happy reading.

Way back in Five things on Friday #61, I covered the project known as ‘The Secret Life of Heroes’. Featuring awesome artwork such as this –

Who's the fairest?

– and this –


So far, so awesome. Anyway, the uber-talented artist behind this work has just launched a Kickstarter campaign (already smashing his target of $30,000) for a new coffee table book featuring The Secret Life of Heroes (and subsequent Pop Icons series) and it’s called ‘For Your Eyes Only’.


I’ve just backed it.

You should too.



I saw Whiplash last week and (yes I know it’s only February but) it is the best film I’ve seen this year. So so so so so so so so dark; it tackles the themes of talent, obsession, drive, the price of fame, and what it actually takes to be ‘one of the greats’.

It is both exciting and chilling to experience and it will stay with you.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed it at the cinema (although it is still out at certain screens), it’s one of those films that’s already been made available to download on iTunes.

Watch it, you won’t regret it.

A few weeks ago I shared some ideas around the notion of something I’ve started referring to as ‘Trend Churn‘. Based upon a kernel of a thought that I’ve been noodling on for a while, it used the (non?) trend of ‘Normcore’ as a way to prove the dangers of jumping on bandwagons before they have wheels, let alone before they get going.

A certain Mr Edward James Bass read this article and was promoted to write his own take:

“Every once in a while I come across a point of view which inspires me to dig deeper and the latest example is James Whatley of Social @ Ogilvy amusing prediction of ‘Trend Churn’ which suggests we’ll see a rise in marketers reacting to ‘non-trends’ with no basis in valid insight and cites GAP’s ‘Normcore’ inspired ‘Be Normal’ campaign as a prime example.

Its an interesting point of view and so I thought I’d dig into the social data around ‘Normcore’ and see what lessons might be learned – lest I find myself becoming an unwitting victim of ‘Trend Churn’ myself.”

And what he did is actually really quite interesting. In short, proper research and analysis into ‘Normcore’; into its beginnings, its flow, and ultimately, its path into the advertising strategy of a certain ‘Dress Normal’ brand.

It’s well worth a read.


Bonuses this week are:

  • In London this month? You might be interested in The Anderson Tapes
  • 20 Years of Michael Mann – ‘The Heatwave
  • GAP have launched a mini-series nay, micro-series on Instagram. Nice.

Whatley out.

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