Five things on Friday #104

Things of note for the week ending Friday December 26th, 2014. Yes, I know it’s Boxing Day.

Things of note for the week ending Friday December 26th, 2014.


The 104th edition. That means two years’ worth. Not bad, eh?

Let’s do this.

I’m a few days from my standard end of year round up but I’m that chuffed with my Spotify top 100 that I simply just had to share it with you. I mean, just look at my top 10?!


It’s so achingly cool it hurts. There are three people I can thank for this awesomeness, and you’ll never know who you/they are. Ever. HA! So here’s the two main things you need to take away from item number one:

Yes, I know a million of you have already done the second part of that but y’know, if just one of you hasn’t then this part of this post has been worthwhile. Happy Christmas/Boxing Day, btw, in case anyone’s failed to mention that too.

2. Best Cosplay 2014
Favourite website of all things sci and fi, iO9, has collated its best photos of the absolute very best cosplay of 2014. iO9 sees so much of this stuff every day so to see what they think is simply the best is actually awesome. My personal favourite, THEY LIVE Wonder Woman, is below.


So. Freaky. So. Good. So. Awesome.

There are a whole bunch more over on the main link (including one of the best Apocalypse cosplays I have ever seen – take note, future X-Men film makers).

3. Nintendo Controller Gif of WIN
I am a PlayStation 4 owner (and yes, Christmas has been a bit crap). But I never used to be a Sony man (in fact, I was dead against them and everything ‘casual gaming’ stood for) oh no, I used to be a Nintendo kid. Because Nintendo was always about the games (funny how Sony have nabbed that one from out underneath them – and with it, my loyalty). Not only that but Nintendo were also about the awesome controller. I remember the first time I held the N64 game pad; it was a thing of beauty.

Ah, so good.

If, like me, Nintendo holds any kind of candle in your heart, then this animated gif might be just up your street.

Look how lovely it is –

Via Gadget Love.


Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 23.11.28

This short film about an android/cyborg chap who crash lands (and then has to steal from the past to fix the future) really is quite excellent. I can’t say much more than that; just do yourself a favour and watch it.

5. Five things in 2015
Regular readers will know that I like to take a year off between each year of Five Things on Friday. It’s not an easy job and I like to just get back to the business of just blogging from time to time.


This year, or next rather, I’m leaving it you, dear reader. What with the influx of new eyeballs throughout 2014 combined with the addition of turning the whole thing into a weekly newsletter well, it’s time I gave a bit of consideration to those that may (or may not) miss it most.

Want Five things on Friday to continue in 2015? Please let me know:

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The fate of Five things on Friday is in your hands.

That aside, I hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas and that Santa has brought you everything you ever hoped for. As mentioned, my year round up is coming soon and the reflection on 2014 has already started. Expect a heart felt note before the end of the year…





Bonuses this week are made up of stuff I’ve found elsewhere but are yet to actually read yet –

No matter what happens, this is the last Five Things of 2014 and I’d like to say thank you very much for your readership, your sharing, and your caring.

Big love.





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  1. Hi James – Let’s be honest, I would read your write-ups on London tube stations!

    I went thru this myself, where I was writing on my blog “what I learned for the week” and I decided to stop. Nobody commented to the fact that I did stop, though.

    Write what you feel like writing, you will find your audience!



  2. Well… I came here today just to read your latest “five things on friday”. I think it speaks for itself. Keep it up, chap!

  3. I may be a bit late…but I really enjoy reading your 5 things on a Friday. But then I read your Blogs. So either way – you have a life long reader in me! x

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