Five things on Friday #92

Things of note for the week ending October 3rd, 2014.

Things of note for the week ending October 3rd, 2014.

Happy Friday


1. Other Valleys
I love a good newsletter, me. So much so in fact that you can even get this wonderful post as a newsletter every week if you were so inclined (although about 200 of you already know that – hi fans!). But this item isn’t about me. No no. It’s about Anjali Ramachandran. Or more specifically, Anjali’s rather awesome new newsletter, ‘Other Valleys‘.

The pitch is simple:

A short list of creative/technology ideas, sent weekly, that are by and large NOT from the US/UK/EU. Inspiration can strike from many other places (the multiple Other Valleys spread across the world), and I like to know about them. Now you can too.

Go subscribe.

It might change your life.

2. Fashion Week
Yeah I’m a little late on this one and, truth be told, I’d completely forgotten about it. But I was cleaning out the Chrome tabs on my mobile the other day and I came across this absolute gem of an article: ‘I DRESSED LIKE AN IDIOT AT LONDON FASHION WEEK TO SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO GET STREET SNAPPED’.


This is just one amazing quote of about five million –

Anyone with a smartphone and a pair of socks can be a fashion blogger. Put some clothes on, take a photo of yourself, upload it to Instagram (tagged with #OOTD for easy clarification) and follow it up with a picture of some ladybird nail art or a bottle of aloe vera juice. There you go: you did it!

Go read it.

You never know, you might come away looking like this –


3. Legend of the Yokai
As part of the upcoming launch of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (and as seems part of a growing trend) an art exhibition has been put together celebrating the origins of the mythical mutants and it’s actually alright.




Things that are good:

  • The artwork. I’d say about 90% of it is really quite well done.
  • All of the images are downloadable direct from the website.

Things that are bad:

  • The website UI is painful (it’s like someone has read a book on a responsively designed websites but never actually seen or used one before).
  • The website also lacks any information on the actual exhibition – one assumes that this work will be on display somewhere at some point?

Anyway, if you like the Ninja Turtles, you might like this stuff.

Legend of the Yokai.

4. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomororw

I can’t remember if I reviewed Edge of Tomorrow or not…

(edit: I didn’t. Short version of what I could write: it’s a good sci-fi epic that is strange as it seems to exist in a world where Groundhog Day never came out (or else Tom Cruise would be running around saying ‘Guys! This is just like Groundhog Day!’) but actually very good as the writing is snappy and the cast is eminently watchable)

…but the above poster is kind of awesome, which is why I’m sharing it.

via this expletive URL.

Oh and the film is out to buy in like, ten days. And it’s been renamed ‘Live. Die. Repeat.‘ – which is much better.

5. Gratify
We live in a world of instant gratification. Don’t know something? Google it. Post a photo? People LIKE it. Someone messages you? The outside of your thigh buzzes and sends a signal up to your brain. The dopamine hits, they’re addictive.

But too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing.

I talk about Leo Babuta on this list a fair bit. He’s probably one my favourite sources of good reading and inspiration. Today is no different. If you’re feeling addicted, then maybe it’s time to switch off. Unplug. Get over that craving of instant gratification and just relax. But I get it. You’re hooked. It’s not easy to just check your phone 200 times a day and then suddenly stop. You need help.

You need a guide on how to overcome instant gratification.

This one’s on me.


Bonuses this week are all film director related.

  • First, PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, There Will Be Blood) has a new film. It’s called INHERENT VICE and the trailer has just been released. Watch it.
  • Second, DAVID FINCHER has a new film out this weekend. It’s called GONE GIRL (you might’ve heard about it – do you subscribe to my movie release date calendar? Maybe you should). I am so excited about this film it’s ridiculous. Seeing it tomorrow. Expect a review on this website at some point thereafter. Bonus Fincher quote? Oh go on then –
“People go to the movies to discover things. They want to see actors as they’ve never seen them before and to see them in situations you never imagined them in because hopefully you never imagined seeing yourself in that situation. I need that sense of discovery when I look at movies.”


  • Third: CLINT EASTWOOD also has a new film. It’s called AMERICAN SNIPER. It stars Bradley Cooper and it looks like it could be quite something; I watched the brand new trailer literally 10mins before I wrote these words. It gave me shivers.

Whatley out.

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