Five things on Friday #72

Things of note for the week ending May 16th, 2014.

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1. #SadBatman
I blogged about Ben Affleck’s new Batman recently opinion has been fairly divided (as usual). Whatever your thoughts, thanks to the amazingly morose stance Bats is in (in said new press shot), Batfleck just looks so sad.

Hurrah for new memes!

The Internet is a cruel mistress… chortle.




Joking aside, I think he looks excellent. Especially in contrast to a) what’s gone before and b) what version of Batman we know he’s going to be based upon.

Now just deliver a great film (less destructo-porn this time though please, Mr Snyder).

Looking for hi-res wallpaper? Try this.

2. These guys


The Licker, The Happy One, and The Pooper. That last one is definitely my favourite.  You can see the rest of the family over at the website of their creator, Vanessa Ramirez.

I love ’em.

3. The Flash is coming
Some of you may know of the [actually very good] TV show known as Arrow. Taking a realistic look at the development of the DC character, Green Arrow, the show has won acclaim from TV critics and geeks for its ambitious story-telling and smart creative choices. If you’ve not seen it, it’s worth looking it up.

Halfway through season two, they introduced a character named Barry Allen and well, thanks to a series of unfortunate lightning-based events, he’s now got his own TV show.

4. Fish
About a month ago, I finally laid my hands on a rather awesome Sony Z2.

It’s awesome.
It’s waterproof.

So I’ve been taking pictures of my fish.

That is all.

Sony Z2 Fish

If you’re looking for my thoughts on the phone, by the way, check out Episode 095 of my mobile technology podcast, The Voicemail. That’s where my initial thoughts can be found.

5. The Long Tail of ‘Feedback’

The Long Tail of Feedback


That’s it for this week. Not only is it Friday, but the sun is shining (all weekend) and it’s going to be awesome!



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