Five things on Friday #71

Things of note for the week ending May 9th, 2014. This week featuring gorgeous art, fantastic film, and provocative pieces of YouTube fodder.

Things of note for the week ending May 9th, 2014

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1. What We Do In The Shadows
A couple of film previews this week, first up What We Do In The Shadows, a vampire mockumentary co-written and directed by he of Flight of the Conchords fame, Jermaine Clement.

Yeah, I’d say it looks suitable mental.

Via Total Film

2. 101 Things to love about NYC… in 1976
Scouting New York is one of my favourite casual blogs. Casual in that I don’t read it religiously, but I like to swing by every now and then and see what’s up. Written by a chap named movie location scout based in New York, it’s an awesome take on all things esoteric from the big apple.

His latest discovery is this list of 101 things to love about NYC and it’s pretty awesome.

101 things

More here.

3. The Phones Show Chat
Every week, pretty much without fail, my buddy and I, Stefan Constantinescu, record a 30 minute podcast covering about mobile technology. We’re not the only guys that do mobile-related podcasts, 361 degrees is one, Steve Litchfield and his Phones Show is another. In fairness, Steve’s actual show is a 15min video on YouTube, however it comes packing with an accompanying podcast covering that week’s topics in a bit more detail.

Why am I talking about it this week? Steve invited me on as a guest and it was probably the geekiest and best conversation I had all week.

MP3 Download Link Get Adobe Flash player

4. Untranslatable Words Illustrated
New Zealand artist, Anjana Iyer, recently undertook a personal project to ‘illustrate words found in foreign languages that cannot be Anglicised word for word’. The series, entitled ‘Found in Translation‘, is wonderful –


But it has to be said, this one, for ‘Rire dans sa barbe’, is definitely my favourite.

Rire dans sa barbe


5. The Most Important Sexy Model Video Ever
Caught this in Marketing Week yesterday.

Just watch –

Opinions in the comments please.





Bonus thing this week, from one Mark Jennings
In 1692, some 270-odd years before Pantone, an artist decided to document and describe every colour imaginable over 800 (completely handwritten) pages.

The result is amazing.

Not Pantone


Bonus bonus thing: Mark Jennings also goes by the moniker of ‘Mark of Respect‘ and is the sole proprietor of Drinks Galore – ‘elegant drinks tasting for spirited amateurs’. There’s an event coming up in June that is all about gin.

For a reasonable price you get –

  • 5 incredible gins – 3 of which will be neat to show you the true essence of gin
  • Hands-on gin and tonic masterclass
  • A cocktail on arrival
  • Chill out in the wonderful private space at The Hox
  • Friendly, expert information about the gin

If you like gin, you should go. Tickets are available now.

That’s me done, see you next week.

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