Five things on Friday #61

Things of note for the week ending February 28th, 2014.

Peter Sellers

1. Peter Sellers in a moving red car trying to take a picture of his wife, Britt Eckland, riding on the scooter near the Colosseum in Rome.
This needs no explanation.


2. Funk is not dead

Jungle – Platoon from Jungle on Vimeo.

3. Awesome 60s Batman Art is Awesome

Batman is AWESOME


4. Triple City Exposures

Marcus Yam

Created completely ‘in-camera’, by photographer Marcus Yam, the above image is one of a larger set put  together for a Seattle Times photo essay. They’re all gorgeous, so go take a look.

5. The Secret Life of Heroes
I know I’ve featured a lot of imagery this week, but this stuff – by artist Gregoire Guillemin – is just great. The easy way forward was Batman but he’s already had a go this week so I figured Supes was the next best thing. Plus – THIS IS AWESOME.

Superman - Secret Life of Heroes

via My Modern Met.

Bonus things –

  • This set of tiny Lego photographer photos are really, really well done.
  • Like writing letters but never have time to buy the materials? Look at Gramr.
  • Seth Rogan spoke at a senate committee to help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s funny, moving, and only six minutes long. You should watch it.

That’s me done this week. Technically that’s eight cool things you’ve just had. Aren’t I nice to you? Tell you what, if you liked this post this week, why not tell your friends about it. There’s buttons just down there for you to do that so go on – click one. I dare ya.  


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