The Robocop CES video

Watch this and tell me if you think it’s rubbish –

If you’re unsure of what this is about, Robocop (yes, that’s right, ROBOCOP) has been remade and is coming out later this year. No, I’m not kidding.


I know. It’s terrible. Everyone knows. But much like Total Recall before, and Indy 5 and Die Hard 6 no doubt after, it’s coming whether we like (let alone want) it or not

The trailer isn’t actually that bad, but the marketing video above, launched to coincide with the real CES that has just finished up in Las Vegas, is a clear homage to the same style of video that Ridley Scott released last year for Prometheus. In that one, Guy Pearce’s character, Peter Weyland, gives a talk at ‘TED 2023‘ about how he ‘WILL CHANGE THE WORLD’.

If you’ve not seen it, it’s [still] worth watching –

It was smart, it was innovative, and it certainly stood head and shoulders above the usual trailers and teasers you see year in, year out (for what it’s worth, Prometheus was OK, but the plot holes were enormous).

This thing from Robocop is a poor imitation at best. At worst, it puts people off seeing a film that they probably didn’t want in the first place.

At the time of writing, the view-count is still sub-100k.

I wonder if the box office takings will be the same.

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Author: James Whatley

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5 thoughts on “The Robocop CES video”

  1. THIS DOES NOT BODE WELL.. All the tell tale signs point to this being shit.. Only thing drawing me to watch it is MICHAEL KEATON. On the CES Thing WHY IS HE DOING HIS PRESENTATION FROM THE INSIDE OF A FUTURISTIC TOILET?

    I think with a viral like this if you have an actor like GUY PEARCE delivering it your already miles out ahead of RANDOM BEARD GUY.. WHY DIDN’T THEY USE KEATON?

    This is probably not planned marketing rather something last minute they dreamed up, whilst the computer that randomly writes their scripts was broken.

    James Whatley Reply:

    ‘Why didn’t they use Keaton?’ indeed. They really should of done.

    Bennycrime Reply:

    THE SELLING POINT OF THIS MOVIE FOR ME > KEATON.. SHould have used Keaton, even Malfunctioning Keaton from Multiplicity would have been better that Von Beardo.

    ALSO.. The thing that made Robocop original good (apart from the bloodshed) was the fact that to begin with he wasn’t HIM his memory was gone etc and it was about him refinding his humanity.. This one looks like it just a bloke who got some upgrades.. He retains all his shit GOOAGATYCAJYVALDOUDVDHBD:IBSS *GARAARARG*

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