Five things on Friday #56

Things of note for the week ending January 24th, 2014.


1. Supermag
There are so many things that I love about the picture above I could write a whole other ‘5 things’ post about it. Screw it, I will anyway –

  1. I LOVE the casual way she’s sitting on top of an EFFING RHINO
  2. THE EFFING RHINO (with. handlebars.)
  3. Oh hey, I’ve just got here, do you like my SAMURAI SWORD?
  4. Good pumps.
  5. Dat ink.

Anyway, Supermag is by Jim Rugg, and it is…

“A glossy, magazine-format collection of “narrative collapse.” It showcases his interests in genre, irreverent humor, graphic design, drawing, and typography. SUPERMAG features new work as well as collecting the best of his recent anthology contributions.”

Available at Amazon right now.

*adds to wishlist – scratch that, I now own this.

2. Japanese Thundercats
I don’t really think I have to say anything else really. Just LOOK –

Panthro IS A BADASS.

Sidenote: I really wanted to use the picture of Lion-O but Panthro’s tattoo is so many kinds of awesome it couldn’t be ignored.

3. The Dawn of Instagram Commerce
Something new I learnt this week: in the Middle East, savvy Kuwaiti retailers are using Instagram as an ad platform to sell them shift sheep. That’s right, sheep.

Sheep Selling on Instagram

This insight, along with several others, comes via this rather awesome Middle East Social Media Trends post from Ema Linaker. I love this kind of stuff. You might too.

4. Miniature Dino Skateboarders are AWESOME
This guy took a bunch of toys, cut them up, and them put them together again to create some wicked hybrids. Oh, and then he took photos of them –

Mini dino skateboarders of win


5. Why do we cry on planes?
This this article, from The Atlantic, is pretty spot on – and it’s definitely worth reading the whole thing. However, one quote in particular stood out for me –

When you’re alone, in a situation where you can’t can’t fiddle with your smartphone or turn your anxieties outward toward your social network, the apprehensions and fears of loneliness quickly overtake you. Then you have no choice but to face the fact: you’re a person, in the universe, and you are in some way big or small, alone here. You might cry.

So, y’know – go be alone, and have a cry. You never know, you might need it.

Bonus  thing of the week –
I updated my #EmptyUnderground website a couple of weeks ago, with a fresh batch of photos and a brand new theme and, as a result, it got picked up and featured by It’s Nice That then Time Out London and then Buzzfeed. Amazing.


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