Five things on Friday #54

Things of note for the week ending January 10th, 2014.


I’ve made a list…

1. The Solar-Powered Wall Socket

Window Socket of WIN

I blogged tumbled this at some point last year, it’s still an awesome idea though. Create a solar plug socket anywhere; on a train, on a plane, in a hotel room, anywhere there is sunshine. This is awesome. SO AWESOME.


2. The Secret Garden of the Mind

Open Your Mind

This photo doesn’t do the art justice; but this ‘deconstruction’ of a sculptured bust really speaks to me. I can’t place it. Is it the interpretation of the mind [breaking out of the confines of the skull]? Or is just the simplistic beauty of nature hidden away deep inside our heads? I don’t know.

I post a fair bit of art from time to time, but it’s rare that I see something that I’d like to own myself. The above is one of those rarities. That is all.

3. The Eye of Sauron.. sorry, SATURN

Hurricanes on Saturn

This is stunning. Just. Stunning. If, you’re like me, you’ll probably be wanting more.

4. Thor is the new Superman

Thor is fun, the way Superman should be; his cape is a bright, hopeful red and you want to hang out with him. The Superman in Man of Steel is a guy you want to keep your distance from, more coldly alien than the Asgardian who just arrived here. They’re both immigrants to Earth, but even though the Man of Steel Superman was raised here, Thor feels more connected to humans in his movies, more their champion. More their Superman.

Read the full article and see if you agree. I know I do.

5. Still

Peace Incarnate

To me, this is peace incarnate.




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6 thoughts on “Five things on Friday #54”

  1. RE: Peace Incarnate – my wife and I got SCUBA certified a couple of years ago, and only managed to go on one really good trip to Cozumel before we had our first kid, but holy moly.

    You would think that SCUBA diving would be thrilling, being so far underwater, with sharks and who knows what else (and it can be, at times). But the sheer peacefulness of the underwater world is really indescribable. For one, it forces YOU to slow down – you’re in water, for pete’s sake, it’s physically impossible to move very suddenly. You’re also forced to breathe deeper and more slowly, to use less of your oxygen. On most of the dives, there was enough of a current that you literally just had to maintain your buoyancy, and the current swept you along at a comfortable pace, just hovering above/below/beside the coral and reefs.

    Seriously, it’s amazing. So amazing. And yes, peaceful.

  2. Interesting point for number 4… Bit harsh on Supes tho considering he hadn’t been Superman yet so pretty difficult for the population of Earth to be his mate.
    Thought it was a bold direction to take the story in as everyone and his dog knows it so well, a problem Thor never had to shoehorn itself around…
    And, I think we all would’ve sneered at the prospect of a “Smallville” movie…
    I’m sure he’ll be a tad more user friendly in the follow ups.
    What a pic of that diver btw…

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