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1. The ASA needs to sharpen its teeth when it comes to paid for social media
Over on The Drum, I’ve written a fairly lengthy piece on why, with a UK on the brink of Internet censorship, the Advertising Standards Authority needs to get better (and faster) at policing paid-for social media.

With the government’s renewed interest in internet censorship, the marketing and advertising industry would do well to take notice of what’s going on around it. We only need to look back at the Leveson Inquiry as well the current furore about the Press Complaints Commission’s lack of interest in signing up to new restrictions to see that Westminster will not simply sit back and watch should we not live up to the standards that we enforce upon ourselves.

If we don’t police ourselves properly, the government will – and they will be far, far more draconian in their approach than we could ever dream.

It’s an interesting issue and if you have the time, I’d love to get your opinion.


2. Ads are arriving on Instagram: 3 things you should know
Did you see the news yesterday? Instagram took another significant step towards rolling out ads on its platform and pulled back the curtain on how they’ll look as well as how they’ll work.

There are three things you should definitely know about this announcement and fortunately for you, that’s exactly what I’ve written for Social@Ogilvy.

I hope you find it useful.

3. The Voicemail: Episode 071
Fellow mobile geeks might already know that I record a weekly podcast about mobile technology happenings called The Voicemail. This week’s episode is especially good as, instead of my usual co-host, Stefan Constantinescu, joining me from Finland, Mr Michael Hell jumps in from Austria! The reason why this is exciting, for me at least, is that not only is Michael extremely well-versed in all things mobile, but he is also responsible for The Voicemail actually getting off the ground – so it was really awesome to get him on the show at last.

If mobile is your thing, or even if just fancy knowing a little bit more about the recent Apple iPad announcements / the new Nokia devices revealed this week, then why not give us a listen (we’re on iTunes too).

Have a great weekend.


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